07 March, 2011

Hello, Goodbye

Hi again to anyone who still reads this :)

I guess it's become pretty obvious that I've abandoned  Through the Wilderness once and for all. At first I was just too busy to keep posting, but then I realized that I didn't find posting here inspiring or interesting anymore. My philosophy is that if a hobby becomes a chore, you should give it up, and that's what I did.

On the other hand, I knew that blogging had become too big a part of my life to let go of it entirely, so I decided to start a new blog, one that is more in touch with the current Rosie, one that will evolve more freely with me as I change. This is Rosie is more of a free form art blog than a style blog. If you liked the posts with my photos and other works, I'd love it if you come on by and check it out! I'm sure I'll end up posting about all sorts of other stuff, and fashion will probably come up every now and then as well.

<3 Rosie

ps: come on, you know you want to come visit me at This is Rosie ;)

21 December, 2010

What I Wore: Giant Blanket

Jeans, Gap, thrifted; button down shirt, Smart Set, thifted; wrap, ???, my parents got it in Scotland; brooch, Heather Gem; shoes, not shown, Fly London

I really love this wrap. It's made out of super soft wool, and feels pretty much like wearing a blanket all day. As you might have guessed though, wearing a blanket all day is really bloody annoying. There are far too many things that are made difficult, such as reaching around for books, walking, carrying books, wearing a coat, the list continues.

It's so wonderful that I can't resist wearing it from time to time though, and since I wanted to spend all day curled up in bed, I figured today would be a good day. I loved most of this outfit, but I'm not sure about the whole. I felt kind of like a teacher, and while that isn't a bad thing, it's not necessarily a good thing either. It just felt too... average. All of the pieces in the outfit are lovely, but together they didn't really work for me.

What do you wear when you feel sick?


18 December, 2010

What I Wore: Shapeless Sexy

Leggings*, ???; demin mini skirt, ???; sweater, Marks & Spencer's, "borrowed" from my dad; boots, not shown, La Canadienne

I often look at my photos and think either: "wow, did that really look that good?" or "wow, did that really look like that?" With this outfit, it was the latter. I mean, I new that it looked baggy and shapeless, but in the mirror and on me, it looked more, casual sexy and not so much shapeless large sweater. I think it might be the camera angle, but you can't really see how it hung of my boobs, then sort of showed my shape through the hugeness. I'm going to stop trying to describe this now, because my brain is fried and I really want to go to bed.
Do your outfits look way different in photos and on you?


* My leggings are opaque, but they are printed to look like jeans and have a lighter area.

17 December, 2010

What I Wore: Almost Repeat

Sweater, thrifted, Wet Seal; skirt, thrifted, ???; leggings, la Classe Couture; boots, not shown, La Canadienne
This outfit was just oh-so-fun. Or maybe it was my day that was amazing. I'm not sure. Anyways, I like this outfit. I'm fairly certain that I've worn a very close approximation to this outfit in the past, I am however, rather certain that I've never worn this exact combination.

You may have noticed, but I've been on a bit of a short skirt kick ever since getting home. I guess it's the unseasonably warm weather, but I just don't want to think about wearing long skirts just yet. It may also be because I just don't like most of my longer skirts as much, but I'll have to wait till I can find employment to fix that problem. 

What kind of clothing are you really into at the moment?


16 December, 2010

Eclectic Love 15: Analyzed and Liked

I really like the clean, sharp edges on this ring. Despite all the layers, it has a simplistic feel to it, and the colours are highlighted beautifully.

To conclude, I have been writing too many essays lately and I really don't have the brain power required to analyze why I like the ring, but my fingers are typing out the words anyways.

Do you find that the writing you do affects your tone on your blog?