30 June, 2009

Fixing It: Britney and Paris from 2007, Part 2

Here we are with part two of the fix up, where I am cleaning up Paris. If you missed part one, you can find it here: Fixing It: Britney and Paris, 2007 Part 1

First Alteration: Unless you have some rare disease which leads to one leg needing breezy protection and the other not, why are you only wearing one stocking?

Second Alteration: Bring the neckline up just a bit and add a bra underneath. I know that you look tiny next to Britney, but bras can help with that.

Third Alteration: I think I had that necklace when I was five and playing dress up. So it probably isn't such a wise choice. Same goes for the bracelets.

Fourth Alteration: That belt looks somewhat bizarre. What do you say we swap for a wide, black patent leather belt instead.

Fifth Alteration: I like the shoes in general, but red trim instead of white would really pull the outfit together.

There you go, doesn't that feel better?

Love, Rosie

28 June, 2009

This is a scheduled post, since I left on vacation yesterday. I have one more post scheduled for while I am away, but I will be back fairly soon. Sorry that this isn't a real post, but  we are in a bit of  hurry to get out of the door.

26 June, 2009

Website Review: Closetviewer.com

So, way back on May 11, I got an email from a reader named Breanna, asking if I used the site closetviewer.com. I had never heard of it before, but said I would check it out. 

Closet Viewer is a site that allows you to sign up for free, and upload pictures of your clothing, add details such as the season, size, type of clothing, ect. It also allows you to use the calendar to see when you wore something and when you are planning on wearing something. You can also see your friends wardrobes and send notes asking to borrow items from friends.
In principle, I really like this idea; however, in practice it is hard to get started if you already have a large wardrobe. Who has time to photograph all the pieces in their closet and fill out a form for each one. Not me, for one. If you are only just starting to be interested in clothing, and your current wardrobe is limited, this might be a neat site. 

I believe that this site would work better if it were like Polyvore, and you could either upload your own photo, or search for photos already in the database, as I believe that this would be much simpler and less time consuming. 

Fixing It: Britney and Paris from 2007, Part 1

I know this picture is way outdated, but it was brought to my attention, and I feel it is to terrible not to fix. So, today I am going to tackle Britney, then in the next post, I will talk about Paris. 

First Alteration: Obviously, the neckline. Honey, that looks both painful and unflattering. The lowest that top should end at about the same area her tan line ends, and no lower.

Second Alteration: Unless your dress was actually eaten by a paper shredder, it shouldn't look like it was. Let's just even off the hem line and bring it down to above the knee.

Third Alteration: Lose the tacky trim around the neckline. This is before Circus, remember? this is way back in 2007, before you had a breakdown or a recovery.  So no need to look like you are in the center ring.

Fourth Alteration: A single stocking? Please no. 

Fifth Alteration: What's with the funny bright yellow thing sticking out from your head? It should probably go on extended leave too.

Sixth Alteration: Maybe you should be wearing different shoes. A sexy nude heel would be gorgeous.

And there you have it, part one of this fix up job. Check back soon to find out how I renovate Paris's outfit!

Love, Rosie

25 June, 2009

What I Wore: Fancy Florals

trees, floral vintage fabric, stripped grey shorts, rayban cats 1000 sunglasses, @Through the Wilderness
trees, floral vintage fabric, stripped grey shorts, rayban cats 1000 sunglasses, @Through the WildernessShirt, vintage fabric, gift from friend; shorts, Dickies; Sandals, Indigo by Clarks; Sunglasses, Rayban; headband, same fabric as a shirt. 

So, after yesterdays outfit, I felt the need to wear something slightly more childish, and much lighter! I don't really have much commentary on this, other than sorry about the headphones, but I was listening to an awesome podcast, Smart Mouths, and didn't want to stop!

24 June, 2009

What I Wore: Wannabe Vampire

vampire goth basement black skirt red top dog husky drink pigtails @Through the Wilderness
vampire goth basement black skirt red top dog husky drink pigtails @Through the WildernessShirt, Smartset; Skirt, thrifted le Château; shoes, Croc flats. I recently read Interview with a Vampire, and Vampire Kisses so I have really been wanting to try out a bit of vampire goth fashion. I like to think of this as sort of vampire, what with the dark red lips (deep plum lip stick covered with darker red lip gloss) and the intense eye make up. Add the flowing skirt and red top, I think it works out pretty well. I am wearing my hair in pigtails, in case you can't tell from the picture, because I thought it might be a neat touch.

Recipe for the drink in my hand:
Really simple 3:1 thick, sweet lemonade and cranberry juice with no added sugar.
Serve in a cut crystal glass for the full effect.

23 June, 2009

Raindrops on the Water

rain star floaty coulourful colorful pool water blue @Through the Wilderness
rain star floaty coulourful colorful pool water blue @Through the Wilderness
It has been really rainy the past few days, and I went out to snap some pictures of the pool and floaty star in the rain. All my attempts at the actual rain failed, but I like how these turned out.


19 June, 2009

Fixing It: Chloë Sevigny at Paris Couture Parties

So, this is an experiment with a new kind of post. As I stated a few days ago, don't know much about designer fashion. I know even less about what celebrities are wearing. I'm going to take something that someone famous has worn, and figure out what I would do differently to make it better. Without further ado, here is my first repair job:

Chloë Sevigny paris Couture Parties Fixing It Celebrity Style @Through the Wilderness
Photo Courtesy of Style.com

First Alteration: Unless I am sorely mislead, she is not performing in Witches on Ice: The Ice Show. In consequence, her dress should probably be a little be longer. Say maybe mid-thigh length.

Second Alteration: You know how they say leave something to the imagination? This dress could use a little help on that front. I'm not saying that this is extremely revealing or anything like that, but I would bring the neckline up a bit higher. High enough say, to be able to maybe fit a bra underneath.

Third Alteration: I would end the bodice part in a single point in the centre, in line with the point of the neckline. Also, this dress wouldn't mind losing the funny flap bit at the center of the skirt.

Fourth Alteration: This is a bold dress. It's sequined and varying shades of purple. It doesn't need a big necklace.

Fifth Alteration: You might as well go all out. Smoky eyes, dark lips, and sultry hair would be more appropriate to this outfit than the more demure natural look she is wearing.

So, my dear readers, what do you think? Is this a feature you would like to see more often? Is it a concept you like, but there is something in the execution you would change? Feedback is awesome, as it helps me find out what you like and what you don't.

Love, Rosie

17 June, 2009

How to Ride a Bicycle in a Skirt

woman, bicycle, skirt, Asia @Through the Wilderness

So, the weather is great, and you want to go down town, do a thrifting, visit your local library, maybe stop by your favorite cafe for a smoothie, you get the picture. Then you think, wouldn't it be nice to ride my bike. Get some exercise, be kind to the planet, enjoy the sun...

Oh no! What about that gorgeous new skirt you were planning on wearing? Never fear, I am here to explain how you can bike in a skirt.

1. If you are buying a bike, get one with curved forks. This makes it easier to steer with one hand. ( The forks are the rods on either side of the front wheels that attach the wheel to the rest of the bike.)

2. Determine what sort of skirt/dress you are wearing. If it's at all short, basically anything above the knee, wear spandex. You probably  don't want to let the world know that there are cupcakes on your panties. 

3. If you have to wear heels, wear wedges. a separated heel risks getting caught.

4. When you get on, step over the frame,  but don't immediately sit on the seat. 

5. If you have a long/full skirt, gather up any and every spare bit of fabric in your left hand. The chain, the main threat, is on the right, so this keeps your lovely clothes away form the nasty, tearing, staining chain.

6. Get going.

7. Whenever you can, drive with only your right hand, using the left to hold your skirt, or to make sure it doesn't get caught. 

8. Pull up gracefully at your destination, and smile at the looks of awe on the faces of the nearby people.

(photo from flickr)

16 June, 2009

What I Wore: happy colours

handmade skirt trees outfit rayban cats 1000 pink bat shirt @Through the Wildernesshandmade skirt trees outfit rayban cats 1000 pink bat shirt @Through the Wildernesstrees vegetation leather bag backpack @Through the Wilderness
pink bat shirt wetlands marsh @Through the Wlderness

rayban cats 1000 trees vegetation scrunchie curly brown hair @Through the Wilderness
Shirt, ???; Skirt, Hand made by me; Sunglasses, Rayban, Shoes (not seen), Indigo by Clarks; bag, vintage hand me down from my mother. 

I had a few errands to run today, and since they consisted partly of visiting a thrift store and the library, I said, Rosie, you should ride your bike.  I did, which is why I have the back pack, and a scrunchie instead of a clip. The clip didn't fit under my helmet. 

If you are wondering why the first picture is all crooked, it's because my camera was nestled in the crook of a tree, since I don't have a tripod/gorilla pod. 

It's a beautiful day the kind of day that says to you in the morning, you know you really want to wear happy colours and dance around in the sun, which is exactly what I did. You know this skirt well if you are a regular reader, since it is one of my favourite pieces of clothing. I paired it with the top because: 1. PINK!
                                                                 2. there's a bat on it!
                                                                                           and 3. Because personally I find it flattering.

Love, Rosie

15 June, 2009

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Ready to Wear

I've never covered a fashion show here before. I've never actually know or cared that much about designer clothes. I've always been happy with what I see on other fashion blogs and find the outfits I see on other bloggers much more inspiring, since they are shown on people who aren't necessarily a size zero. I was idly flipping through Style.com, and found the Christian Lacroix Ready To Wear Collection for fall 2009. Love at first sight!

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Ready to Wear@ Through the Wilderness
I adore this outfit. The shimmery tights, the amazing navy blue bodice, the wonderful pleats on the skirt...

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Ready to Wear@ Through the WildernessI love, once again,  the combination of navy and black. I also like the heavily padded shoulders, what I find to be a somewhat strong, self assured jacket, with a pretty feminine skirt. 

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Ready to Wear@ Through the Wilderness
What isn't to like about a fitted, yet flared sliver pantsuit?

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Ready to Wear@ Through the Wilderness
I adore the drape-y, mustard yellow top. I'm not so wild about the pants. I think that this would have worked better with a fitted skirt, maybe just a bit above the knee. 

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Ready to Wear@ Through the Wilderness
Once again,what not to love. I adore the coloured blouse, with a bow non the less, peeping out of the black suit. I feel it could be a bit more tailored, but I still love it.

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Ready to Wear@ Through the Wilderness
Delicious, no? I find it vaguely school marm-y, buy still infinitely sexy.

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Ready to Wear@ Through the Wilderness
I'm not entirely sure what I find so appealing about this. maybe it's the fact that a shapeless bag of a dress is so amazingly suggestive.

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Ready to Wear@ Through the Wilderness
And last but not least, a wonderful, double breasted, bubble hemmed coat/dress.

All Images courtesy of Style.com

Light on the Leaves

tree in the sun @Through the Wilderness
leaves in the sun@Through the Wilderness
ferns in the sun@Through the Wilderness
inch worm on post in the sun with ferns@Through the WildernessWhile on vacation, I took the opportunity to photograph some things in the yard. i really like the late afternoon light in these photos. 


14 June, 2009

Once again, thanks to the wickedly awesome Daria and Willow of Pigtails and Blushing Cheeks, for passing on an award. The moment I get one form someone other than you guys, it will be headed straight at you. You deserve it! If you haven't already been by their blog, do so know. I'll wait.
The rules are:
1. Each blogger must post this rules
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts / habits about themselves.
3. Blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules.
4. Don't forget to leave them comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

Ten Facts About Me
1. I practically live on white skim milk and apples.
2. I adore reading fantasy, historical fiction, or pretty much anything.
3. I have a husky/border collie mix, and her name is Twix.
4. She is some what insane, and has severe dog aggression.
5. If I had to pick one style and stick to it, it would be goth,
6. My name, Rosie Unknown, come from when I signed up for my first online forum, some years back and didn't know what to put as a username, so I used Name Unknown.
7. The forum was The Leaky Cauldron, a Harry Potter fan site.
8. Yes, I just admitted that I am a Harry Potter fan.
9. My favorite tree is the birch.
10. My favorite flower is either a blood red rose, or the forget me not.

I pass this on to:

Love, Rosie

Recipe for a Chameleon Weekend Outfit

Over sized Plaid Men's Shirt
Capri length Yoga Pants  or  Cropped Leggings
Comfortable Flip Flops 
Comfortable Matching Flats
A Belt, I recommend something patent or sequined 
Large Sunglasses

1. Plan a day where you are going to stay home and do chores (Some suggestions are: cleaning your room, tackling that mending you've been meaning to do, ect.)
2. Put on your leggings/yoga pants, shirt and flip-flops.
3. Tackle the chores.
4. Finish the chores early, decide to pick up some frozen yogurt and a movie to have a comfy night in. Decide you can't go out dressed like this.
5. Cinch your shirt around the narrowest point of your waist with the belt, change into flats, and put on the Sunglasses to hide your makeup-less eyes.
6. Pick up your supplies like a movie star.
7. Enjoy!

(Note: This is basically what I wore today, and I guarantee that it is comfy.)

Love, Rosie

12 June, 2009

Rain and Dreams of Sheer Fabric

See this photo? See all the rain? Multiply that by about one hundred and you have the rain is coming down around here. And surprisingly, I`m not upset about it. I`m actually finding it very inspiring. I just want to go and buy yards and yards of gauzy blue fabric and construct following, unstructured clothing.
So tell me, if I do ever get around to making something from this inspiration, would you like to here about it? Would anyone be interested in a tutorial? Also, if you have something that you want a tutorial for, and you can`t find one, let me know and I will either figure it out, or find someone who can.
Love, Rosie
PS: Sorry about the long absence. I am just finishing up my exam period, so starting at twelve twenty this afternoon, I am on summer vacation and will have more time to be a better blogger.

07 June, 2009

What I Wore: While I was on vacation

Please feel free to scowl disapprovingly, throw things, ignore me, or anything else you feel is appropriate. I feel really badly about having gone away for so long with out letting you know that I was going to be taking a hiatus while on vacation.  I was visiting my grandparents for my grand father's eightieth birthday. In other news, I went shopping, got some awesome stuff, which will be disclosed at a later date. Not much later though.

I only took outfit pictures a couple of days, since I was so busy, but here they are.

Shirt, ??; skirt, ??; nylons, Joe Fresh; shoes, Croc Flats. You may be asking why I'm wearing nylons, and the reason is simple: It wasn't that warm. 

I am standing next to a mammoth statue, not specifically for an outfit shot, but because we felt the need to behave like dorky tourists. Not that I have anything against dorks or tourists, in general. This outfit ended up being kinda high maintenance, since I was constantly pulling my skirt down to hid the black part of my nylons and so that my shirt wasn't acting as a dress. Still, I liked it. 

Skirt, Handmade by me; shirt, smartset; shoes, Croc flats; awkward expression, purely Rosie. This is what I wore to brunch and then a movie, and I felt that it worked well. Flats made it relatively comfy and casual, but the full skirt and tailored top added a bit of something that made it more interesting. 

Short, Dickies; Shoes, Indigo by Clarks; shirt, Smartset. I went down to our hotel pool deck to take outfit photos, and I would have used it more but we left the hotel the next day to stay with my grandparents. I really liked this outfit, but it was way to light for the weather. It was only around ten degrees Celsius!