29 November, 2009

Someone, Somewhere

I had somewhat of an epiphany today. Most of you will probably already have figured this out but I thought I would say it anyway, because I think it applies to pretty much everyone. ( In other words, I am way too tired too do a post with actual content, and I didn't have time to take outfit posts. Also, Fin pointed out today that I have done a lot of outfit posts lately.)

Anyways, on to my enlightenment: When you can't figure something out, ask for help. Keep asking different people until you find some one who can help to you. I am working on a French project, and I just didn't know where to start. After asking a good five to ten people, I lost count, I asked one of my awesome friends, and the way she explained, it just made sense.

Now, this obviously doesn't just apply to French projects. No matter what your problem, there is some one, somewhere who knows a solution or who can help you find a solution.

Alright, that's all. I've way overfilled my epiphany quota for the year, but I think I will survive.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

28 November, 2009

What I Wore: belly tops are so 2000

Grey shirt, Distinction; blue shirt, Blue Lagoon; jeans, The Gap; belt, Joe Fresh; Bandanna, ???; socks, handmade by my mummy; insane smile, Over tired Rosie

Today was the last day of my blue challenge, and I have to admit, I am very glad it's over. I love blue, but I just don't own enough to wear it for a week straight.

On a whole, I liked this outfit. I don't particularly like these jeans, they are too low rise for my taste, and they aren't super flattering. They were perfect for this outfit though, since the shirt is long enough and loose enough that the rise of the jeans doesn't matter. Well, the grey shirt is long enough. I wasn't going to wear anything over the t-shirt, but belly tops are so 2000. And they look terrible on me, 99% of the time.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

27 November, 2009

What I Wore: A Bit too Light

Shirt, handmade by me; jeans, KappAhl; Boots, La Canadienne; belt, Joe Fresh.

So, I know that you can't really see the outfit that much. But I wanted to get the blood out of my sleeve as soon as possible (H1N1 shot, I bled a bit), and my arm hurt, and I was tired, and I had to go help make dinner. So I took a photo, and changed into home clothes.

I didn't really like this outfit, I mean, I love the jeans, I love the boots, I love the top, and I love the belt, but the top and belt didn't really play well together. Also, the belt took away all the, already minimal, weight of this shirt, so I was constantly looking down to make sure it was covering everything it should have been. (Thankfully, it did stay in place.)

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

26 November, 2009

What I Wore: Return of the Lucky Dress

Dress, Suzy Sheir; tights, American Apparel; shoes, Converse All Stars; scrunchy, ???, Christmas gift from my brother, years ago

I know, I know. Bathroom photos. But I was stuck at school for hours, and really wanted to take my outfit photos. And the only place were there weren't janitors and teachers rushing about was the was the washroom. I actually wore this outfit on yesterday, but I didn't get home till after 8 pm, and was way too tired to post about it then.

Anyways, I don't know why I don't wear this dress every single week. It is pretty much the most flattering thing I have ever put on my body. After it's second wearing (seen here) and an amazing afternoon, I deemed it my lucky dress.

These tights may look rather orange, but I assure you, they are very much a bright red, for some reason, they get my almost as many stares as my cat ears. Maybe I am, for lack of better word, hardened against interesting clothing by all my fashion and style blog reading, but I don't think red tights are anything out of the ordinary. What do you think?

I have recently discovered that a small ponytail, or two small pigtails, makes my hair very wearable on the day non hair washing day. This scrunchy matched my nails, and had to be worn.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

24 November, 2009

What I Wore: Stewardess on AirWitchs

black skirt, witchy, flight attendant, black shirt, blue scarf, curly brown hair, black leather boots @ Through the Wilderness
Shirt, Seduction; Skirt, Le Château, thrifted; leggings, ???; boots, La Canadienne; scarf, thrifted.

I have given myself a challenge/theme for this week: I am going to wear blue all week long. Why, you ask. Because this Saturday, my mom bought me an amazing bottle of blue nail polish (a review will come, once I've worn it for a bit longer). My friend Fin told me about the brand way back during the summer, and I finally found some. Well, my mom did. Same thing!

hand, blue nail polish, Suncoat nail polish @ Through the Wilderness

ANYWAYS, I felt like a Flight Attendant on a witch's airline. For some reason, the skirt with this top felt witchy. The skirt actually has all these asymmetrical layers of sheer fabric, I will photograph it some day, but I was too tired today. And the scarf just screams flight attendant to me.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

22 November, 2009

Another Post With No Actual Content

Today has really been insane. I was working on my tech project when our internet shut off without explanation. Then my brother managed to break the faucet on the kitchen sink, and we had to make dinner using the bathroom and bedroom sinks. Washing mushrooms next to your bed is very strange, for the record. Then my parents and brother drove 45 minutes each way to get a new faucet, and I helped my dad and brother fix the sink. Then the internet came back on, and life is good again.

fangs, eyes, blind, vampires, skull @ Through the Wilderness
I found this picture today, and I realized I have been planning on sharing it since I drew it in art class last may. I went on to make a mask out of it, which is a complete failure, but I love the sketch.

I drew the eyes like this to represent all the times when we see things, and yet don't see them. I guess a better way to put it would be that we look at things, but we don't really think about what they mean.

It has fangs to represent all the people who use you, and suck the happiness out of your life.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

20 November, 2009

Busy, stressful and amazing

I feel like a terrible blogger, but at the moment, my life is incredibly busy, incredibly stressful, and incredibly amazing. That may sound like a weird combination, but it is incredibly fulfilling to go like crazy from the moment you get up till you fall asleep.

So, no, this isn't an actual post. I will be back soon, things will hopefully clear up sometime this weekend, depending on when I finish a project, and then it will be calm for a few days. Do keep an eye out for a post late tomorrow night though, I think I will do an outfit post.

Love, Rosie

18 November, 2009

A Shopping Ban: Week 6 and a request for questions

This is not a post. This is an apology and a chance for you to ask me questions. I want to know what questions you have about thrifring, shopping bans, and the subject in general. If I can, I will answer them in a future post, and if I don't know the answer, I will figure it out.


Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

17 November, 2009

What I Wore: Club Monaco and Cat Ears

daily outfit, high waisted wide legged black and green pants, black Club monaco Shirt, cat ears, hush puppies wedges @ Through the WildernessPant, handmade, thrifted; shirt, Club Monaco, thrifted; shoes, Hush Puppies; necklace, gift; ears, handmade by me.

I am insanely in love with these pants. In a school full of skinny jeans, I really stand out :). I really like this shirt too, I hadn't worn it before today, but it is one of my new favourtites.

When I was planing my outfit last night, I realized that this outfit was hovering on the line of sort of plain, so I decided that my cat ears would enjoy a field trip. Of course, between the ears (~5 cm/2") and the shoes (~5 cm/2"), I was a full 186 cm, or 6'1", which is quite a bit above average, but whatever. I do like to stick out.

eye make up, green eyeshadow, L'oréal Paris, black liquid eyeliner, Maybelinne, Lash Stiletto, black mascara @ Through the Wilderness

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

16 November, 2009

Wannabe Photographer: Houses

house, photography @ Through the Wilderness
house, photography @ Through the Wilderness
I took these pictures a week or so back, I uploaded them at the same time as one of my outfits, so I forgot about them until today. I was feeling quite uninspired style wise, so you get these instead. Forgive me?

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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15 November, 2009

Costume Not Contest: Congratulations...

to Faboulista and a friend, dressed as burlesque dancers! The voting just closed, and they took the lead with 45% of the votes.

For more of Faboulista's awesome outfits and pictures, please head over to her blog Faboulista.

Thanks to everyone who participated, both by entering and voting, and congratulations once again to our wonderful dancers!

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

14 November, 2009

What I Wore: Bleu et Or (Blue and Gold)

Gold shirt, Nygard; dress (worn as a skirt), Sirens; leggings, ???; boots, La Canadien

Today was a school spirit day at school, so I came dressed in the school colours. Which are, obviously, blue and gold. I may have absolutely no interest in sports, but that doesn't stop me from showing my support for our teams.

I ended up somewhat regretting this outfit though, cause it is rather unflattering. This shirt is just too loose, and the waist band hits me at an awkward spot on my hips.

I also ended up being cold all day, and wore my shawl/scarf/pashmina thing around my shoulders all day too stay warm.

Enough complaining though, I love these boots with these leggings! This is the second time I have worn them together recently, and I think they will be reappearing frequently. I don't know what I will do when these leggings go though, since they are amazing, and I highly doubt that I will be able to thrift a second pair of pleather leggings, in exactly my size. I guess I will just cross that bridge when I get there.

I decided to post a close up of my eye make up because... I don't know why I am posting it, but I liked it. I realized this morning that I really like liquid eyeliner, even if I can get a smoother line with my pencil. I want to get some in black, since I don't wear blue that often, although it does make my eyes look greener. And I completely understand if you didn't get a word of that.

The bracelet in the left photo was a gift from my Grandmother, who received it from a boyfriend when she was young. Which places it in the early sixties. It is one of the very few vintage items I own, and I really like it. I never know what to wear it with, since it has five different coloured scarab shaped stones, but I think I will wear it more.

The sword bracelet is actually a necklace that I made with a playmobile sword "borrowed' from my little sister and some fishing line. I just wrapped it around my wrist, since my shirt wasn't exactly necklace friendly.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

Also, please don't forget to vote in the costume not contest, the poll can be fond in side bar! If you didn't see the post with the entries, click on the link back there.

13 November, 2009

What I Wore: Biker Bandana and Faux Fur

outfit, daily outfit, black skinny jeans, black v-neck, white faux fur jacket, blue bandana, black leather boots @ Through the WildernessJeans, KappAhl; shirt, West Coast Connection; boots, La Canadien; jacket, Chadwick's, thrifted; bandana, ???

I got up insanely early, to write a test I missed because I was sick. And when I get up early, I get cold. Knowing this, I had decided to wear this coat, which I haven't worn in a while, because it is insanely warm. That was useful, since we had a fire drill, and it was 5 degrees Celsius, at the max.

Over the course of the day, I remembered why I don't wear it all that often. Everyone asked to touch my coat. My friends (whom I don't mind touching my coat), my french teacher (the french teacher who asked to buy my boots), my classmates, a random substitute teacher who was walking around during the fire drill. Even worse, while the french teacher was feeling my coat, a guy in my class was walking by, and decided to just stroke my arm.
outfit, daily outfit, black skinny jeans, black v-neck, white faux fur jacket, blue bandana, black leather boots @ Through the Wilderness outfit, daily outfit, black skinny jeans, black v-neck, white faux fur jacket, blue bandana, black leather boots @ Through the Wilderness

ring, silver, blue stone, hand @ Through the WildernessI don't know why I don't wear this ring more often. Most comfortable ring ever!

 curly brown hair, blue bandana, biker, pirate, hair style @ Through the Wilderness
This hair style is the result of me waking up with horrible hair on a day when I don't shower, and deciding that hiding it was the only way to save humanity. Not having seen it, my very stylish friend Fin worried that I had gone biker, but I think it looks more pirate. Although, biker is starting to seem more and more like a good description...

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

Also, please don't forget to vote in the costume not contest, the poll can be fond in side bar! If you didn't see the post with the entries, click on the link back there.

12 November, 2009

Halloween Costume Not Contest: Let the Voting Begin

Here are the three finalists for the costume not contest:

Faboulista, burlesque, costumes, halloween, contest @ Through the Wilderness
Faboulista (left) and friend, in burlesque costumes

Frock around the Clock, lady Gaga, costumes, halloween, contest @ Through the Wilderness
Frock around the Clock, as Lady Gaga

 K, witch, costumes, halloween, contest @ Through the Wilderness
K, as a witch

Now, I want your opinion! Please look to the right, and vote in the poll. You can vote until Saturday, November 14th, when the poll will close, and will announce the winner.

Thanks a lot to everyone who participated, and let the voting begin.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

11 November, 2009

A Shopping Ban: Week 5 and Answering "Where did you get that?"

You thrifted the perfect dress, and decide to wear it to a friend's dinner party. You look awesome (obviously), you feel great, and are getting tons of compliments. Then someone asks where you got your dress. Oh shit! What do you say?

I prepared some questions you can ask yourself to help formulate your answer.

1. How do you feel about thrifting? Are you proud of your skills when it comes to how you shop? Are you comfortable explaining why you shop second hand? If yes, consider being honest.
2. Is the person asking a snob who is likely to be rude about your awesome find? If yes, consider telling a little white lie.
3. How well do you know the person asking the question? If you know them well and trust them, honesty is good.
4. Are they being truly sincere when they complement you? If yes, then consider honesty.
5. Are they a huge gossip who will mangle what you tell them, then tell everyone they know? If yes, consider a little white lie.

If after asking yourself these questions, they point to honesty, tell the truth. A tip though: be discreet. You never know who is eavesdropping.

If it looks like a little white lie is in order, you have two options. The first: if the item in question is from a well known brand, you could just say "Oh, it's Marc by Marc Jacobs". Or, if the brand isn't notable, just say that "You got it at some little boutique." Boutique= high end, and the vagueness leaves the questioner thinking that you shop so much you can't remember it all.

bird, tree, black and white, thrifting, answering questions @ Through the Wilderness

You may feel like the only person in your group that has discovered this wonderful hobby, but it is highly possible that someone else shares your interest. Remember, being economically and environmentally responsible is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it is quite awesome. But you may have to explain it to some people, so have some points ready to back up your argument.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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10 November, 2009

Last Chance at the Costume Not-Contest

pumpkin, jack-o-lantern, costume contest, halloween @ Through the Wilderness
I know I said that the halloween costume not contest would end on the sixth, but I sort of let it slid. So you know have 24 hours to enter if you haven't already! I have only received a few entries, so please, please send in a photo or a link. Even if your region doesn't celebrate Halloween, why not get dressed up and take a few pictures, just for the fun of it?

Tomorrow night I will post the finalists, or all the submission if I still have less than ten, and the voting will begin.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

09 November, 2009

Product Review: Sula Paint & Peel Nail Polish

Here's the deal: my mother is a biochemist, and vehemently opposed to nail polish. This left me searching other options, and I found Sula Paint & Peel.

Sula Peel and Paint Nail Polish @ Through the WildernessI got a bottle of perfect pink for 10$, and eagerly headed home to try it out. Usually, I try and only be positive on this blog, but this is an extreme case. I hated this stuff!

  1. It is really thick, and hard to apply evenly.
  2. It dries really quickly, which is good, but it dries so quickly that it is hard to get a coat without huge lumps.
  3. It call's itself paint and peel, and it really is. Within a minute of it going on, you can peel it of. And It really does peel. Don't attempt getting dressed, opening a purse, or moving a hair. It gets snagged, then it looks terrible, and you have to peel off the entire nail.
  4. There is nothing you can do to combat this. Using a polish that I know works wonderfully on it's own, I have experimented with top coat, bottom coat, both, all possible combinations.
My quest for a health safe, functional nail polish continues!

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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08 November, 2009

St. Trinian's: A Movie Review

Seeing as I haven't worn, done, or thought anything at all stylish in the past week, I decided that today's post would be about a movie I recently watched, and enjoyed very much.

Usually, when I watch a movie and enjoy, I write it down on a list in my head, to be watched again sometime down the road, when I don't know what to watch. With St. Trinian's, I watched it again, and then a third time, within a week. Yeah, I liked it that much.

One of the things I liked a lot about St. Trinian's was the fact that while the characters are total caricatures, they are still the sort of people I would want to go to school with. I love my friends, but I think I would fit right in at St. Trinian's. So, for me, cool characters was a definite plus here.

Another thing I really liked was the sheer craziness of the whole movie. The whole plot is just so out there and sort of random, that it is a really fun movie.

Third point of awesomeness: the soundtrack is awesome. I discovered a whole bunch of british artists who I really love now while watching this movie. I totally plan on buying the soundtrack, and CDs by some of the artist who are involved.

What are you waiting for? Watch! I highly doubt that you will regret it.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

Also, good job if you made the connection to the Just Your Everyday... post from a few weeks back, Just Your Everyday Kelly from St. Trinian's. Virtual cookies to you for having a good memory and actually remembering my ramblings!

07 November, 2009

Looking Amazing, even if you don't feel it

So, as you probably noticed, I completely fell off the map. For almost a whole week! I'd like to tell you that I had mountains of homework, or that someone died, or I eloped, or something that would sort of make up for just being gone. Sadly, all that happened is the flu. I got sick, and despite having all day to blog, I just couldn't think of anything to post about. Anyways, I had an idea today! *happy dance*

Glamour... when you really want to sleep

I may have spent all week in pyjamas, but I realize that many people don't have the luxury of just staying home when they are sick. So I started thinking about what I would wear if I had to get dressed and actually function when sick. Here are the guidelines I thought up:

1. Not tights. I love the look of tights, but they are a pain to wear. Besides, for me at least, a rip in my tights can be enough to push me from I'm dealing to full on tears, not really needed. Anyways, unless you live someplace warm, no tights means pants. I cannot advocate wearing sweat pants, and you could wear jeans, but the won't have the effect we are going for, so trousers, pants, whatever you want to call them, are the thing to go for.

2. Comfort is key! A thin, long sleeved shirt will be cool enough if you get overheated, and a scarf/wrap can be very warm when you get chilled.

3. You could go two ways with shoes: comfy flats, or wicked heels. If you don't usually wear heels, now is not the time. But, if you are comfortable in them, go for it, unless you have to walk or stand much. Sore feet can have the same effect as ripped tights.

4. Keep make up simple. If you are sick, you should try to let your skin breath. Yes, you may feel sort of exposed, but your skin will thank you later. A bit of lippy and any necessary concealer should be enough.

5. Keep those large, dark sunglasses on hand, so you can project an image of unapproachability when you really don't want to be bothered.

That's it! You are ready to look amazing, even if you don't feel amazing.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

01 November, 2009

What I Wore: Sex Kitten? Not so much...

Shirt, Seduction; leggings, ???; scarf, Joe Fresh Style; ears, handmade by me; boots, La Canadienne (I finally realized that there is a tag in them); nose and whiskers, Covergirl black eyeliner

So, yes, this is my Halloween costume. Rather low key, I already owned everything I am wearing. The scarf around my waist was a last minute tail, improvised about five minutes before I left for the bus, when I realized that my shirt was bit short to be worn alone with leggings. I wore the tail at my side since I spend most of my day in a chair, and I didn't
think that sitting on a tail would be much fun.

This photo was taken on Thursday, by my amazing friend, and I have to say that I may have to force her to take my outfit shots, since I really love how it turned out.

If you caught on to the fact that I was wearing my costume at school on Thursday, good for you. The reason for this is that my school always has a costume day on Halloween, but since Halloween is on a Saturday, and we didn't have school on Friday, we wore out costumes and had the costume parade on Thursday. I entered the costume parade with another one of my amazing friends, who was dressed as Batwoman. Which was awesome, but strange, since wolf whistles are degrading and flattering all at once.

I took this photo as I waited for my bus to pick me up (obviously, the day I'm on time, the bus is late) and I thought I would share is because it shows my makeup more clearly.

Now, you also may have noticed that I only refer to wearing a costume on Thursday, never today, the 31st. The reason is also part of the explanation behind my absence. See, I got rather sick part way through Friday, and so I spent part of yesterday, and most of today in bed. As for Thursday, I took a mental health day after a disastrous grade and the subsequent hours of tears.

On a different note, I have some more formal details regarding the not contest. I will be accepting applications from the time this post goes live, around 9:35 EST, until 12:00 EST am on the 6 of November. If your country doesn't celebrate Halloween, but you want to enter, please get dressed up and send in pictures!

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie