29 November, 2009

Someone, Somewhere

I had somewhat of an epiphany today. Most of you will probably already have figured this out but I thought I would say it anyway, because I think it applies to pretty much everyone. ( In other words, I am way too tired too do a post with actual content, and I didn't have time to take outfit posts. Also, Fin pointed out today that I have done a lot of outfit posts lately.)

Anyways, on to my enlightenment: When you can't figure something out, ask for help. Keep asking different people until you find some one who can help to you. I am working on a French project, and I just didn't know where to start. After asking a good five to ten people, I lost count, I asked one of my awesome friends, and the way she explained, it just made sense.

Now, this obviously doesn't just apply to French projects. No matter what your problem, there is some one, somewhere who knows a solution or who can help you find a solution.

Alright, that's all. I've way overfilled my epiphany quota for the year, but I think I will survive.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. good advice, sometimes you do need to swallow your pride and ask around. this is why we have friends, to help us, and hopefully we can help them in the future

  2. sometimes pride is overrated. Asking can be hard (the fear of looking like an idiot) but it's better to be embarresed than clueless!
    ps. i am always lost in french. linguistics is SO not my thing

  3. you are spot on right. i've always struggled to ask for help for fear of embarrassment, which is rather absurd. nonetheless, this post is a great reminder that there's never any loss in asking questions :)

    and thank you for your lovely comment, haha no one has ever put me and the word genius in the same sentence , so cheers for that!!!

  4. very sage advice ;) .. sometimes it takes hearing another person's perspective/seeing it through their eyes..good luck with your project!