11 November, 2009

A Shopping Ban: Week 5 and Answering "Where did you get that?"

You thrifted the perfect dress, and decide to wear it to a friend's dinner party. You look awesome (obviously), you feel great, and are getting tons of compliments. Then someone asks where you got your dress. Oh shit! What do you say?

I prepared some questions you can ask yourself to help formulate your answer.

1. How do you feel about thrifting? Are you proud of your skills when it comes to how you shop? Are you comfortable explaining why you shop second hand? If yes, consider being honest.
2. Is the person asking a snob who is likely to be rude about your awesome find? If yes, consider telling a little white lie.
3. How well do you know the person asking the question? If you know them well and trust them, honesty is good.
4. Are they being truly sincere when they complement you? If yes, then consider honesty.
5. Are they a huge gossip who will mangle what you tell them, then tell everyone they know? If yes, consider a little white lie.

If after asking yourself these questions, they point to honesty, tell the truth. A tip though: be discreet. You never know who is eavesdropping.

If it looks like a little white lie is in order, you have two options. The first: if the item in question is from a well known brand, you could just say "Oh, it's Marc by Marc Jacobs". Or, if the brand isn't notable, just say that "You got it at some little boutique." Boutique= high end, and the vagueness leaves the questioner thinking that you shop so much you can't remember it all.

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You may feel like the only person in your group that has discovered this wonderful hobby, but it is highly possible that someone else shares your interest. Remember, being economically and environmentally responsible is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it is quite awesome. But you may have to explain it to some people, so have some points ready to back up your argument.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. cool, yep honesty is the best. and i love that pic :)



  2. i'd be totally honest about it , because i'm happy about the fact that i thrift :) thank you for your lovely comment too <3

  3. Interesting. I actually have the utmost envy and admiration for people who find fantastic things thrifting. Getting a pre-loved treasure at a great price is a skill I don't possess. :P So, I was going to say "be honest"--but then I remembered that you're in high school and probably dealing with some vapid, unenlightened, judgemental characters amongst the genuinely cool folks.