09 November, 2009

Product Review: Sula Paint & Peel Nail Polish

Here's the deal: my mother is a biochemist, and vehemently opposed to nail polish. This left me searching other options, and I found Sula Paint & Peel.

Sula Peel and Paint Nail Polish @ Through the WildernessI got a bottle of perfect pink for 10$, and eagerly headed home to try it out. Usually, I try and only be positive on this blog, but this is an extreme case. I hated this stuff!

  1. It is really thick, and hard to apply evenly.
  2. It dries really quickly, which is good, but it dries so quickly that it is hard to get a coat without huge lumps.
  3. It call's itself paint and peel, and it really is. Within a minute of it going on, you can peel it of. And It really does peel. Don't attempt getting dressed, opening a purse, or moving a hair. It gets snagged, then it looks terrible, and you have to peel off the entire nail.
  4. There is nothing you can do to combat this. Using a polish that I know works wonderfully on it's own, I have experimented with top coat, bottom coat, both, all possible combinations.
My quest for a health safe, functional nail polish continues!

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. Whats wrong with nail polish? I personally don't use it, I pick it off right after I put it on! So maybe this nail polish would work for me. I hope you find a better solution to your nail polish dilemma!

  2. I am not keen on painting and peeling nailpolish, but then again.. I don't wear much nailpolish

    I tend to always pick clear, or light colours.

    P.S. I just started, so I'd love it if you'd come by and look at my blog :)


  3. i'm sorry to hear that dear...
    hope you'll find the perfect bio nail polish!

  4. when you find one, let us know!

  5. I have to second questioning the biochemist reasoning against nail polish. Drop some knowledge on us.

  6. what is the purpose of peeling nailpolish? so it comes off without remover?

  7. How sad that it didn't worked.=( Hope you find a nail polish that do work for you.

  8. great review - love the colors, xx