12 November, 2009

Halloween Costume Not Contest: Let the Voting Begin

Here are the three finalists for the costume not contest:

Faboulista, burlesque, costumes, halloween, contest @ Through the Wilderness
Faboulista (left) and friend, in burlesque costumes

Frock around the Clock, lady Gaga, costumes, halloween, contest @ Through the Wilderness
Frock around the Clock, as Lady Gaga

 K, witch, costumes, halloween, contest @ Through the Wilderness
K, as a witch

Now, I want your opinion! Please look to the right, and vote in the poll. You can vote until Saturday, November 14th, when the poll will close, and will announce the winner.

Thanks a lot to everyone who participated, and let the voting begin.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. Love seeing another Canadian blogger! It seems we are few and far between, especially when it comes to vintage, thrifting, fashionitas!


  2. ahhh, all so cute. I would HAVE to go with the Gaga though - too good.


  3. they all have pretty costumes but I'm gonna choose Faboulista!

  4. frock definitely gets extra points for the pose! ;)

  5. The Lady Gaga was fun, different.=)