31 July, 2009

Ten Things About me, and a "Prom" Photo

A while back, I was tagged by the awesome Frock Around the Clock to post ten things about me, so here goes:
  1. I like vegetables. Spinach, peas, turnip mashed with carrot, I love them all.
  2. I spent most of my life disliking my father's mother, but recently grew to really like her.
  3. Despite loving black clothing, bats, and doc martens, I am playful and giddy a lot of the time.
  4. I am incredibly vain, but only on the surface. I guess you knew that though, since I write a personal style blog, and that requires self-centeredness.
  5. I am a huge nerd. I worked at a science camp this week, partly because i like money, but mostly because I miss going to science camp.
  6. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I was the only person at the midnight showing to turn up in costume.
  7. Aesthetically, in a guy, I like either somewhat feminine features, bad boy style, or unique style.
  8. I cannot stand guys who don't get fashion. I once had a guy ask why I was wearing heels at school, the answer: because I like them.
  9. I try to put on a tough outside, but inside I am extremely fragile.
  10. In sixth grade, my class put on a production of The Little Prince, and I was the rose. I was silly and thought bright green eyeshadow would look good with bright red lipstick.
Also a while back, Hanako66 of Through the Looking Glass tagged anyone who wanted to be tagged to post their prom outfit. Well, I haven't graduated yet, but I have a dress from my middle school graduation, so I thought I would share.

The first picture is me wearing the dress for the dance, with Aldo heels, and some old bangles. A note: I made this dress myself. The second photo is me wearing the dress to a holiday party, with the heels from the first picture. The third picture is me wearing the dress to a math competition. I got a lot of strange looks, but hey, whatever! I also wore this dress with my Rampage heels(seen in the third photo), with heavy eyeliner for a fancy birthday party for my Grandfather, but sadly no photo.

I would like to tag anyone who wants do either of theses tags, and if you do, please let me know! I would love to see what you write.

29 July, 2009

How my Style Survived/is Surviving Life as a Summer Camp Counselor

This week, I am stuck in a bright yellow shirt. Not the shirt featured here, but very similar. The reason: I was deemed responsible enough to be a day camp counselor. Crazy world, eh? The point being, I was wondering how I was going to still express my own style while wearing a shapeless yellow bag.

Since I have some common sense, and I worked this job last summer, I knew that I was going to want flat, broken in, relatively comfy shoes. Enter the Converse All Stars. Second common sense point: these are kids, who will want to run around, and play games. That explains why everything is relatively easy to move in, and when I choose skirts, I include leggings. 8 year old boys do not need to know whether or not you are wearing a thong. I know that in some climates may not be compatible with the longer leggings, in this case substitute shorter leggings.

After that, it is all fun stuff. This set is a bit more what I would like than what I am wearing, example, today I wore roughly the fist outfit, but my shorts are pale gray with white pinstripes, and I am wearing a brightly coloured bow in my hair.

For me, eyeliner is a total must. I don't advise skipping your fave make up/accessory, just maybe tone it down, example, today, instead of drawing a thick line all the way around my eye, with wings out the sides, I just did my "grandmother-able" thick line on the top lid, with a little wing.

Thoughts? Advice? Requests?

27 July, 2009

What I Wore: More Plaid

Skirt, thrifted Reitmans; shirt, market, somewhere at sometime; shoes, Converse All Stars.

I bought this new plaid skirt, and another, the day after I wore the first one. I don't really have any comments on this outfit, but I do have a note on the location of the photographs. Last time I shot here, I was asked where I was. The answer: my basement.

On a more interesting note: I have reached 100 posts! Thanks to everyone who has read and commented, for helping me get this far.

23 July, 2009

What I Wore: Wannabe Goth

Skirt, thrift; shirt, West Coast Connection; tights, Joe Fresh; Shoes, Converse All Stars; bag, handmade birthday gift; sunglasses, Rayban.

Once, I was a Wannabe Vampire. Today, I am a wannabe goth. I am thinking about hemming up this skirt several inches, because what fun is a plaid skirt that reaches almost to your knees? I really like this shirt, despite the fact that it's a bit loose, and fairly short (not visible here), and thus only tuck-able on high waisted items. I just adore it's neckline.

I had to do a camp I will be working at next week, and they needed a counselor to do a photo shoot for a newspaper, so off I went, and donned a ridiculous lime green shirt, and played with little Nuudles, like packing peanuts, only made of cornstarch, that are completely biodegradable. And this is getting boring. The moral of this paragraph is that I was strangely dressed for the event, but who would I be if I wasn't?

Love, Rosie

Industrialism Conquers

I took this picture while out on a bike ride today. It inspired me to create this:

(You can click the name for product details.)

I focused on the the industrial aspects, the rust and the metal, but included a bit of nature too.


19 July, 2009

An Long Over Due Explanation, and Some Inspiration

Right. It has been seven days since I last posted. My only excuse is that it was really nice out, so I spent several days sprawled on a beach, then I had my wisdom teeth out. That left me in too much pain to do anything except lie in bed, lick popsicles, and read for several days. Just as I was recovering, we decided to move the furniture and switch desks in most of the house, so I spent a day and a half helping with that and getting my newly configured room in order. And now I have found some awesomely inspirational photos.

I simply adore this bathing suit! So much more flattering, and so much sexier than the tiny little bikinis we wear today!

What isn't to love about that headdress? It seems to have beads or pearls, and maybe some sort of feathers sticking out from it.

I really like her top, especially how it fits her perfectly, and is so perfect over another top! Sexy, but modest.

(All images from the The Commons.)

12 July, 2009

Playing with Macro Focus

Macro Focus, Pine Tree @Through the Wilderness

Some photos from a recent excursion into my yard, thoughts?

11 July, 2009

Five weeks and I'm off again!

It must seem like I do nothing but go on vacation; but, I am setting off yet again. This time I am headed over to Sweden, as my mother is going for business. I'm afraid this isn't really a real post, just a request: if you happen to live in UmeĆ„, Sweden, know someone, or know someone who knows someone who does, please let me know if there are any really awesome shops I have to visit, or anything like that. 

And now, to leave you on a somewhat fashion related note, a pictures of one of my purses:

09 July, 2009

Awesome music, Neat videos, and Amazing outfits and hair

Check out the video Bulletproof by La Roux. Actually check out everything by La Roux.

She has a great voice, and I love her hair, and she wears such cool clothes. Not to mention the music is pretty cool too.

08 July, 2009

Mouse Ears?

Check it out! I have mouse ears! I made them using a tutorial posted on Pigtails and Blushing Cheeks. You can find the  tutorial for mouse ears here.

07 July, 2009

How to Pack for an Outdoorsy Vacation

As you may know, I got back from a vacation a few days ago. As you probably do not know, I was; in fact,  staying in a rustic cabin and spending my days canoeing and hiking. I had no idea how to pack for a trip of this type, and lots of other people probably don't either, so I have put together a guide.

  1. A few days before you are set to leave, figure out what the weather is going to be like, and how long you will be gone for. This will determine the type and amount of clothing you should bring. It helps to know if you get cold or hot easily, can't stand having wet feet, ect. This way you know to, for example, pack extra socks incase yours get wet.
  2. Get a note book and your favorite pen. Get your iPod and listen to music or your favorite podcast. 
  3. Make a list of everything you plan on bringing. Be specific. Instead of saying jeans, say Navy Blue, Old Navy jeans and hip hugger pale blue jeans. 
  4. Determine whether anything you plan on bringing is dirty. If it is, start doing laundry immediately. This is why you started a couple days before your departure date. 
  5. The night before you leave, assemble everything you are going to bring. Roll it up tightly and jam it into the smallest bag possible. You are not going to be shopping, so there is no need for extra space, and you won't be needing to worry too much about wrinkles. The reason you are stuffing your clothes into a tiny bag is because you will probably have stuff to bring like sleeping bags, or food, and you don't want the car to be full of suitcases and have no room for other important stuff.
  6. Enjoy your trip and feel proud that this Fashionista can pack like a wilderness explorer when need be!
Love, Rosie

05 July, 2009

Roses in the Garden

I took some pictures while visiting a garden and I though they were pretty so, here they are:

 pink roses @Through the Wilderness
pink roses @Through the Wilderness
pink roses @Through the Wilderness
pink roses @Through the Wilderness
pink roses @Through the Wilderness
pink roses @Through the Wilderness

pink roses @Through the WildernessThoughts?

Love, Rosie

04 July, 2009

Pink with an Edge: A Make Up Tutorial

This is me, without make up: 
without makeup, bare face, pink scarf @Through the Wilderness
This is me, with makeup:
With Makeup, black eyeliner, pink lip gloss, pink scarf @Through the Wilderness
This is the makeup I used:

This is what I did:
  1. Start with a clean, dry, face. If you are going to moisturize or put on sunscreen, do that now and let it sink in.
  2. Apply your foundation and concealer. I like to use Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse  and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfecter, the concealer end.
  3. Rim your eyes completely with black eyeliner, continuing the line past the end of your eye. I'm using Covergirl SmoothWear All-Day Eyeliner in black. You may remember me raving about this eyeliner way back here.
  4. Cover your entire eyelid with pink, slightly shimmery eyeshadow, using a small blush brush or large loose eyeshadow brush. Add more until you have the colour intensity you want. Sadly, the product I'm using is no longer available, but others will work too.
  5. Go over your eyeliner again. Because of the large, loose brush you are used for the eyeshadow, some will have gotten on the eyeliner, dulling the black.
  6. Finish with a pink, shimmery lip gloss/stick of your choice. I'm using Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Guava
  7. Wear an awesome outfit, keeping with the pink and black theme.