29 July, 2009

How my Style Survived/is Surviving Life as a Summer Camp Counselor

This week, I am stuck in a bright yellow shirt. Not the shirt featured here, but very similar. The reason: I was deemed responsible enough to be a day camp counselor. Crazy world, eh? The point being, I was wondering how I was going to still express my own style while wearing a shapeless yellow bag.

Since I have some common sense, and I worked this job last summer, I knew that I was going to want flat, broken in, relatively comfy shoes. Enter the Converse All Stars. Second common sense point: these are kids, who will want to run around, and play games. That explains why everything is relatively easy to move in, and when I choose skirts, I include leggings. 8 year old boys do not need to know whether or not you are wearing a thong. I know that in some climates may not be compatible with the longer leggings, in this case substitute shorter leggings.

After that, it is all fun stuff. This set is a bit more what I would like than what I am wearing, example, today I wore roughly the fist outfit, but my shorts are pale gray with white pinstripes, and I am wearing a brightly coloured bow in my hair.

For me, eyeliner is a total must. I don't advise skipping your fave make up/accessory, just maybe tone it down, example, today, instead of drawing a thick line all the way around my eye, with wings out the sides, I just did my "grandmother-able" thick line on the top lid, with a little wing.

Thoughts? Advice? Requests?


  1. OMG I remember the first and only time I was a camp counselor. Advice: avoid long earrings and necklaces, since little kids can pull on them. Bracelets and small earrings would do perfect. Tie a belt around the shirt if you can and stick to cool jeans and capris if you like them enough.


  2. I am so glad my job doesn't require this sort of thing. Nice styling.

    Re your comment: I don't think I agree that a drawing conveys more than a photograph could. It really depends on the style of the photograph. I guess photographs meant only for documentation might convey less than drawings of the same sort, but, in general, I think they have the same potential in terms of conveying ideas, emotions, etc.

  3. i love yellow! but now am trying some different color. am too sunny. hihihi.

    am sure you're gonna look good in that uniform.

    have a great day!

  4. wow, congrats on being selected! that plaid skirt with the bow is so adorable and i agree on the must have beauty product, for me it's always mascara :D!!

    haha, yay for HP and thanks heaps for sharing your thoughts, your feedback is always great :) !!

  5. Awesome that you have the skills to express yourself through what you're wearing even though you're stuck in bright yellow. I usually find that I just act extra crazy when I'm in uniform for work to compensate (probably not a good thing lol)

    Oh, advice i once heard from a friend who works with kids: make sure your pants are on very very securely because occasionally, kids feel the urge to hitch a ride on your legs and may pull down your pants with it XD

    Added your link to my blog by the way :)

  6. ah this reminds me of my brownie uniform :)

  7. good for you! i would probably just stick with something "safe," like shorts.

  8. I bet it would be soo much fun doing that! One of my friends flew over to somewhere in America to do it a couple of years ago and has so many tales to tell about it. I have a similar sort of problem with my job at the moment - I've been doing some promotions work and all the t-shirts we have to wear for it were ordered in a mens xl. Great! I always roll the sleeves up on it in an attempt to give it some shape! :) x

  9. True style is really about how to look great in everyday life, working with what you have, not wearing the latest and greatest straight from the runway.
    nobody would be foolish enough to put me in charge of a bunch of kids.

  10. That seems pretty lenient to my job as a TA for a school one summer. We didn't have a t-shirt, but the length of shorts, shoes, and everything was highly regulated! I sort of gave up on trying to keep my usual style and just dressed so I could chase children and not get over heated! It was in Hawaii...

  11. I love having that shirt that you can pair with anything!