31 July, 2009

Ten Things About me, and a "Prom" Photo

A while back, I was tagged by the awesome Frock Around the Clock to post ten things about me, so here goes:
  1. I like vegetables. Spinach, peas, turnip mashed with carrot, I love them all.
  2. I spent most of my life disliking my father's mother, but recently grew to really like her.
  3. Despite loving black clothing, bats, and doc martens, I am playful and giddy a lot of the time.
  4. I am incredibly vain, but only on the surface. I guess you knew that though, since I write a personal style blog, and that requires self-centeredness.
  5. I am a huge nerd. I worked at a science camp this week, partly because i like money, but mostly because I miss going to science camp.
  6. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I was the only person at the midnight showing to turn up in costume.
  7. Aesthetically, in a guy, I like either somewhat feminine features, bad boy style, or unique style.
  8. I cannot stand guys who don't get fashion. I once had a guy ask why I was wearing heels at school, the answer: because I like them.
  9. I try to put on a tough outside, but inside I am extremely fragile.
  10. In sixth grade, my class put on a production of The Little Prince, and I was the rose. I was silly and thought bright green eyeshadow would look good with bright red lipstick.
Also a while back, Hanako66 of Through the Looking Glass tagged anyone who wanted to be tagged to post their prom outfit. Well, I haven't graduated yet, but I have a dress from my middle school graduation, so I thought I would share.

The first picture is me wearing the dress for the dance, with Aldo heels, and some old bangles. A note: I made this dress myself. The second photo is me wearing the dress to a holiday party, with the heels from the first picture. The third picture is me wearing the dress to a math competition. I got a lot of strange looks, but hey, whatever! I also wore this dress with my Rampage heels(seen in the third photo), with heavy eyeliner for a fancy birthday party for my Grandfather, but sadly no photo.

I would like to tag anyone who wants do either of theses tags, and if you do, please let me know! I would love to see what you write.


  1. If you can't stand guys who don't get fashion, you must not be able to stand very many of them, hehe.

  2. yay for liking vegetables, i used to hate them but now they're essential to my daily diet!!

    and haha i'm okay with guys who don't get fashion, but i don't like guys who like to think that they have a right to comment on fashion when they're ignorant about it! :)

    i didn't make sense did i? lol.. YAY FOR HP :D

  3. I prefer guys that don't really get fashion because it's not something I would want to talk about 24/7. I also like when they ask questions about something and I just say "Because I like it." It's always funny.

    Hooray for liking vegetables! I like most too.

  4. Hehe I love vegetables! HP is amazing and guys who don't get fashion shouldn't even ask

  5. that dress you made looks amazing! i esp. like it in the 2nd pic.

  6. great list, good to know more abut you!

  7. your dress looks amazing!great job sweetie