04 July, 2009

Pink with an Edge: A Make Up Tutorial

This is me, without make up: 
without makeup, bare face, pink scarf @Through the Wilderness
This is me, with makeup:
With Makeup, black eyeliner, pink lip gloss, pink scarf @Through the Wilderness
This is the makeup I used:

This is what I did:
  1. Start with a clean, dry, face. If you are going to moisturize or put on sunscreen, do that now and let it sink in.
  2. Apply your foundation and concealer. I like to use Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse  and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfecter, the concealer end.
  3. Rim your eyes completely with black eyeliner, continuing the line past the end of your eye. I'm using Covergirl SmoothWear All-Day Eyeliner in black. You may remember me raving about this eyeliner way back here.
  4. Cover your entire eyelid with pink, slightly shimmery eyeshadow, using a small blush brush or large loose eyeshadow brush. Add more until you have the colour intensity you want. Sadly, the product I'm using is no longer available, but others will work too.
  5. Go over your eyeliner again. Because of the large, loose brush you are used for the eyeshadow, some will have gotten on the eyeliner, dulling the black.
  6. Finish with a pink, shimmery lip gloss/stick of your choice. I'm using Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Guava
  7. Wear an awesome outfit, keeping with the pink and black theme.


  1. Great tips! And you have such a beautiful, fresh face!

  2. you look really good, but if i lined my eyes that much they would disappear... :(

  3. you're really pulling this off , love how you pair it with pink scarf too!!:)
    if i lined my bottom rim to this extent i'd belong to the racoon family.

  4. You look lovely with and without!

  5. yayyy, i love makeup posts. looks great with the scarf, very classic

  6. thank you for your comment, you look cuutee :)
    my favourite make up at the minute is really rosy cheeks and pink lips and then no eye make up, far more effective than one would think...!
    x x x x x x x

  7. I am eyeliner crazy and must say yours looks fab! Adore how your cheeks are cute and rosy!

    Re to your comment: I get bored out of my mind eating the same stuff over and over but I guess I just got used to it. ^-^


  8. you're 110% right Rosie, the whole point of this whole thing is happiness :) Thank You also for your support, you were our first reader too! Thank you for sticking by us <3

    and yep, tutorial coming right up for you :D!!!

  9. Personally, I wouldn't wear eyeliner that strong, but it looks nice on you, and I just never wear makeup anyway...

    I love the lip color.

  10. Aww you look gorgeous with and without makeup! I've blogrolled you and added you to my Google Reader.

  11. I love this...great tutorial!