07 July, 2009

How to Pack for an Outdoorsy Vacation

As you may know, I got back from a vacation a few days ago. As you probably do not know, I was; in fact,  staying in a rustic cabin and spending my days canoeing and hiking. I had no idea how to pack for a trip of this type, and lots of other people probably don't either, so I have put together a guide.

  1. A few days before you are set to leave, figure out what the weather is going to be like, and how long you will be gone for. This will determine the type and amount of clothing you should bring. It helps to know if you get cold or hot easily, can't stand having wet feet, ect. This way you know to, for example, pack extra socks incase yours get wet.
  2. Get a note book and your favorite pen. Get your iPod and listen to music or your favorite podcast. 
  3. Make a list of everything you plan on bringing. Be specific. Instead of saying jeans, say Navy Blue, Old Navy jeans and hip hugger pale blue jeans. 
  4. Determine whether anything you plan on bringing is dirty. If it is, start doing laundry immediately. This is why you started a couple days before your departure date. 
  5. The night before you leave, assemble everything you are going to bring. Roll it up tightly and jam it into the smallest bag possible. You are not going to be shopping, so there is no need for extra space, and you won't be needing to worry too much about wrinkles. The reason you are stuffing your clothes into a tiny bag is because you will probably have stuff to bring like sleeping bags, or food, and you don't want the car to be full of suitcases and have no room for other important stuff.
  6. Enjoy your trip and feel proud that this Fashionista can pack like a wilderness explorer when need be!
Love, Rosie

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  1. Super true! Taking your ipod with you is a lifesaver, and it's good to be specific with your list, you might end up packing the wrong pair of jeans. *has happened*