30 April, 2009

Reasons to be Happy: April 30, 2009

I only just realized that I once again missed my reasons to be happy post, so here it goes:

1. Long Weekend!

2. Hair cut!

3. Beautiful, sunny, warmish weather. It was supper nice on Tuesday, and really warm, but it's still fairly nice now.

4. The sunburn I got on Tuesday is pretty much faded away.

5. I found and awesome hat the other day, and was brave enough to wear it to school.

What I Wore: 80s, 90s, and some other time

Shirt, my dad's old; skirt, hand-me-down; leggings, thrifted; shoes, Aldo; Dog, Animal Shelter. These are my plastic leggings, and I rediscovered them when I realized that you cannot leave the house at 8 am in a mini skirt in April, no matter how sunny it is. This outfit is sort of mix and match. Leggings in the 80s style, shirt à la 90s, and cute skirt thrown in for the fun of it!

I actually wore this on Monday, as well as today. I normally try and avoid re-wearing an outfit exactly the same way so close together, but I really loved this outfit. And on Monday I was at school, and today I just went to the hairdressers down town, so the likely hood of running in to someone I go to school with was minute. This leads me to my next point: Check out my hair! I got a good several inches shopped off, and lots of layers put in. Rosie happy! 

What I Wore: Early Life Crisis

I'm sorry. I have been a terrible blogger. I have let school work and nice weather and tiredness take over my life. I actually had a sort of early life crisis, and I couldn't keep up with everything, so I had to take an unannounced hiatus for a few days. While this was happening I was wearing my dad's old shirt, a pair of Dickies shorts and my croc flip-flops. And I was drinking a strawberry lemonade smoothie. That was just on Sunday, and I have been wearing some pretty awesome outfits since then. I'll post about them tomorrow. 

Posting should be back to normal tomorrow, because I have a long weekend. I have completely caught up with all the wonderful posts you wrote while my internet was out(Monday and part of Tuesday), but I haven't commented much. Thanks everyone who commented over the last few days, I have read and appreciated them!

25 April, 2009

What I Wore: Cool Colours

Skirt, handmade by me; shirt, Nygärd, flip-flops (not visible), Crocs. The flip flops are actually not entirely ugly, and super comfy, and the same colour as my shirt, so they got to come out when we weren't camping, but normally camping only.

As you can see I got a bit sunburnt,  I guess that happens when you pend all day outside on a day when there isn't a cloud in sight, without sunscreen. 

Prom Ensemble Part 4: Champagne and Roses

I don't have much commentary for this one, but I chose three dress and lots of different shoes, purses and jewelry. I'm pretty much obsessed with all of these dress. I find that the all pink one is sort of like a ship, but maybe that's just me. The pink ribbon detail is vaguely harness like, in a vary feminine way. And the final one, well, what isn't there to like? I would recommend pairing the champagne coloured shoes and purse with the all pink dress, pink with the all cream coloured dress, and either coloured accessory with the harness dress. Thoughts?

What I Wore: Golfing Pants

Shirt, dad's old; pants, thrifted; scarf, Hilltribes; nylons, gift. Note: I was wearing my patent black heels.

This was... an interesting outfit. I felt like I was headed out golfing, because the pants look a bit like those pants that you see people in old pictures golfing, but without the plaid. I was very comfortable, which was nice since I wasn't feeling 100%. 

And everyone, remember to vote in the poll on the side, and let me know if you want me to make a separate blog for my photography.

23 April, 2009

Historical Inspiration

Love the jacket, the hat, basically all of it!

Reminds me that I really do love things flow-y and pink. 

Just, wow. 

Now I want a little black skirt suit, and hat, and, and...

Ohh! Major want! I love that she manages to look beautiful and put together, despite the fact that she is working in a factory. The fact that the jumpsuit is amazing doesn't hurt, though.

The photos are all links to where I found them.

Wish List: Ray Ban Cats Sunglasses

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses for just about forever. Or since late last summer when I accidentally stepped on my last pair. And I have found them! The RayBan Cats 1000 RB4126, Is probably the awesomest pair of sunglasses ever made. I have always loved the Rayban Wayfarer, but lately a whole bunch of people in my area have been wearing them, and I hate looking like a follower, or a copy cat. So my search continued, and I found these:

Round, Large, Pointed Corner, what more could I ask for. To top the amazing shape, it comes in all sorts of colours. I'm almost certain that I will get black, since it still has a special place in my heart, but most of the other colours are very tempting too! 

What do you think about these beauties? 

Prom Ensemble Part 3: Black, white and red

Prom dress ensemble number three, a rather different look. I'm not going to list all the links for this one, if you click title of the collage, you can find out where to buy everything. I love this dress. I just had to say that. I'm actually sort of considering buying it, despite the fact that I have no idea where to wear it. The little twisty skirt, the white and black, I digress. I paired it with red because I think that it adds some pop to the outfit, and keep it form looking too plain. You could wear it with black accessories, but I would avoid metallics. The earrings don't exactly match that well, but the silver is so close to the white of the dress that I found it tied in while not being to matchy-matchy. The purse is just an interesting piece, and well it's a purse shaped like lips. How awesome is that?

21 April, 2009

Reasons to be Happy: April 21, 2009

1. One of the doors to my house no longer has a trench outside of it. 

2. I was sick today, and had all day to myself. Being sick wasn't nice, but watching the diggers outside my window was!

3. Ummm...  It's supposed to be warm tomorrow!

4. The rain will hopefully wash away some of the snow. 

5. I have my revision schedule for math class pretty much finalized. I just have to check some things with the teacher.

New Pictures

These are some pictures I took today, and frankly I'm not that happy with them. To see the rest, head on over to my photostream.

Prom Ensemble Part 2: Pretty in Pink

Part two of the prom ensemble series, with a rather different look and price range. This time, I shopped on Net-a-Porter instead of Modcloth, and therefor, the prices rather different. I'm not sure what sort of style the Notte dress invokes, but I like it. It's sort of house wife in a way, don't you think? Because the dress has such an intense colour, I kept the accessory colours toned down, with the Rupert Sanderson Nemo platform pumps (Sidenote: did anyone else think of Finding Nemo when they read that name?), the Marni Leather Clutch, and the Python Petal Ring.  I know that this look is way out of most people's price range, I will be doing more affordable options as well, but check out the Modcloth Prom Look I did earlier if you haven't already, that one shouldn't come out to more than two hundred dollars. 

Prom Ensemble Part 1: Pinup Princess

During a spur of the moment stop at Modcloth, I saw that they have a prom section up. I'm not going to Prom this year, my graduation form high school is three years away, and I am not nearly popular or pretty enough to have twelfth graders asking me out, but some of you might be either graduating or dating someone who is, or you just have something to dress up for. Either way, this is probably what I would wear if I had to chose my outfit entirely from the Modcloth prom section. 

I feel that the Dita Von Teese tights with the Calender Girl dress give it a a somewhat sexier feel, while the Gift Registry heels have a manageable 2.5" heel, perfect for dancing the night away. I kept the accessories minimal, because the ones I chose are, well, rather large. The Speakeasy Cocktail ring just seemed to be necessary, and the Plumage of Burma hair clip adds some colour to an otherwise neutral and metallic outfit.

19 April, 2009

Sometimes More is Better

I'm not sure when most people become interested in fashion. It probably depends on the situation you grew up in. It is usually later that people really begin to explore what they like, what looks good on them, ect. Some people however, start at a very young age. Arlo Weiner, who is eight years old, is a perfect example of a young person with very unique personal style. 

Check this out:
How awesome  is this?  I love the red pants with the pint vest, the blue tie with the beige coat. Alone either combination would be note worthy in my book, but combined they are amazing. Add the hat, and well, a picture is worth a thousand words. I think this is a perfect example of when more is better*.

Check out more of this young, could we hope, trend setters outfits here.

* I certainly don't think that more is better for ever situation, but sometimes it works. you just have to experiment, and err on the side of too much. You can always tone down later, if for instance, you think that a vest and a jacket over your t-shirt is too much,  but it's hard to go back and get the vest an hour out into your day.


Hi! I just signed up for flickr, so if you can all check out some of my pictures over there. I'm still figuring it out, but I should get more pictures up soon!  

18 April, 2009

Those are the ghosts of the robins

Note: Sorry about the radio... err... blog silence over the last few days. As I tweeted, I got really sick, and could not get out of bed, let alone to the computer to type, and have interesting thoughts. I wore a really pretty outfit on Thursday, but I felt really sick, so I didn't take any pictures. I was wearing a red t-shirt, black chunky necklace, and black pants. It would have been really pretty if it weren't for my sick face. My skin gets icky when I'm ill, so I wasn't looking my best. Anyway, here is the actual content of this post.

I hesitate to use the word even if it applies, random* pictures from around my yard.

*I find this word way over used amongst the people I talk to on a day to day basis, and I find it hard to use, because I don't want to sound like the stupid teen I am.

16 April, 2009

What I Wore: Empowered Female

Shirt, Le Temps de Couture; Jeans thrifted Mudd; Sunglasses, Mountain Equipment Coop kids, stolen from my sister; shoes, Merrell; Necklaces, handmade by me. You can't really see, but the ends of my necklace are key hole decorators. if you are confused, check them out here. Please excuse the weird picture. 

I felt really curvy today, in a practically skintight outfit, the only place it deviated from my natural lines was the flare on the jeans! I also felt really empowered for some reason, but I don't know if that was because of my outfit.

15 April, 2009

Light Pushes back the Darkness


Reasons to be Happy: April 14, 2009

Hmm, I seem to have neglected Reasons to be Happy lately. I guess I have been so busy blogging about other things that I simply forgot!

1. I took some pictures yesterday, and they turned out really well! Look out for the best in a separate post soon!

2. The snow fall that we got on Sunday seems to be receding! Yay!

3. We are halfway through April, and it is only about two months until I finish school!

4. I am going to miss a lot of school in the next two months, partly because of official Holidays, partly because of personnel things. I suppose that this could be considered good or bad, since it will mean I will have to put in a little extra effort to stay on top of things.

5. I cleaned my super messy desk and sewing table yesterday, so now I have lots of space to do my french homework (BORING!), and work on my current project, as soon as I can get my machine looked at.

PS: I seem to have exclamation point abuse problems. When did that happen?

14 April, 2009

What I Wore: Strangely Casual

Sweater, Stiches; Skirt, hand me down; tights, American Apparel; boots, unsure. First off, the tights. they are actually super sparkly, but I couldn't seem to capture it, no matter what I tried. You can see them in all their sparkly glory here. You have to see them in person to fully appreciate them though. Secondly, the boots. These are the boots that I talk about wearing pretty much every week. Third and final point, my hair. It did not look like this for most of the day. Then I had double gym this afternoon last two periods, and my hair rebelled. 

This outfit felt strangely casual, I think it was because of the sweatshirt, and the denim. Still, sparkly tights and miniskirts aren't super casual.

13 April, 2009

Stepping Out of the Shoe Box

 Despite my long standing love of everything dainty in shoes, I adore Dr. Martens. I don't know why, I just do. After many hours of browsing their site, I have come up with my four favorites. 

1. Beatrice, 230.00$; 2. 1B60, 145.00$; 3. 1460 Womens, 115.00$; 4. 1B99, 130.00$ 

They aren't listed in the order of favorite to least favorite, or anything like that, just the order the pictures came up. I don't actually know which one is my favorite, or what colour I would get. I haven't even thought about buying any yet, but I might this summer.

What I Wore: Return of the Clown Pants

Shirt, Smart Set; Pants, Thrifted. I'm pretty sure that the pants are handmade, or at least custom made. They are super long. I have long legs, but when I was wearing them around the house yesterday, without heels, I had to roll up the cuffs twice, because I couldn't walk without tripping. Also, they are really well made, with all the seams perfectly finished, and everything is a lot better than what you usually buy. Thirdly, there are no tags, or place where a tag was taken out. If you want a full length view, click here.

As usual, I absolutely loved this outfit. Even after eating a huge dinner, I felt absolutely fabulous, not all bloated. I did end up sucking in my stomach for the picture, because just because I felt awesome, didn't mean that I necessarily look all that skinny. 

12 April, 2009

And the blogger came back!

Inspired by the stolen picture in my last post, I decided to try my hand at some bunny photography. The result:

Happy Easter!

Or belated Easter if you are in Australia. Here in eastern Canada, however, it's Easter morning, eggs have been collected, some consumed, the others carefully counted and hidden in a locked box, safe from siblings. I, in all probability, won't be posting a fashion related post today. I may post a What I Wore later, but that will probably come tomorrow, since I have a rather busy day of helping in the kitchen coming up. 

How awesome is this car?

PPS: Thanks to the person I stole pictures from. They are awesome!

11 April, 2009

What I Wore: Sporty Skirt

Skirt, Tattoo, thrifted; shirt, West Coast Connexion.  I wore this outfit with my tall black boots, since it was cold out. I got the skirt on Thursday, and really like it. It is strange though, because its a skirt made out of the same fabric as Lululemons, a sort of stretchy, athletic  use fabric. I wore this when we went to the Market this morning, and then to lounge around the house this after noon. 

Potatoes, mash 'em, boil 'em, stick 'em in a stew!

Or in this case, make potato pancakes! 

Yummy, non?

10 April, 2009

Sweet Indulgences for your Outfit

Glitter Ice Cream Sundae Necklace, Ji Ji Kiki, 7.33$ USD (The site is British, so everything is in pounds, but for simplicity I will post all the prices in USD.); Handmade Mouse Biscuit, Ji Ji Kiki, 7.33$; Iced Cupcake Necklace, Ji Ji Kiki, 5.86$; Handmade Strawberry Jammy Dodger Necklace, Ji Ji Kiki, 8.79$; Ice Cream Earrings, Ji Ji Kiki, 6.59$; Frozen yogurt Pendant, Mod Cloth, 13.99$; Happy Breakfast Pop-Tart Necklace, Mod Cloth, 13.99$; Cup Cake Love Necklace, Shana Logic, 10.00$; Lollipop Earrings, Amy Secrest, 22.00$; Cupcake Earrings, Amy Secrest, 18.00$; Yummy Pie Earrings, Amy Secrest, 18.00$

Sorry about the seriously Image heavy post, but I've been seeing all kinds of adorable food related jewelry around the web lately, and I thought I would share some with you, starting with the sweets. And yes, you can take that to mean I might do more food related jewelry posts in the future.