19 April, 2009

Sometimes More is Better

I'm not sure when most people become interested in fashion. It probably depends on the situation you grew up in. It is usually later that people really begin to explore what they like, what looks good on them, ect. Some people however, start at a very young age. Arlo Weiner, who is eight years old, is a perfect example of a young person with very unique personal style. 

Check this out:
How awesome  is this?  I love the red pants with the pint vest, the blue tie with the beige coat. Alone either combination would be note worthy in my book, but combined they are amazing. Add the hat, and well, a picture is worth a thousand words. I think this is a perfect example of when more is better*.

Check out more of this young, could we hope, trend setters outfits here.

* I certainly don't think that more is better for ever situation, but sometimes it works. you just have to experiment, and err on the side of too much. You can always tone down later, if for instance, you think that a vest and a jacket over your t-shirt is too much,  but it's hard to go back and get the vest an hour out into your day.


  1. I know! I can't believe this kid. He's amazing.

  2. Thanks for the well wish. ;)

  3. lol such a cutie that boy is! And my he has some wicked style for someone so young! Definate trendsetter in the making lol.

    And I agree, more isn't necessarily better but it sure makes your ensembles more interesting no?

    Hope youre new week starts fabulously dear.

    xx Eeli

  4. Aw he's so cute! And he's lucky too in that he has parents who are open to him dressing himself. I think if you're that young a lot of parents will say "You can't wear that" or try to pick out clothes for you; mine did anyway.

  5. He is amazing! I hope he doesn't grow up and turn all self concious.. he needs to keep his amazing style forever! :) d

  6. The shoes are the best part! I didn't start being interested in fashion until maybe a year ago.