06 April, 2009

What I Wore: Western Girl

Dress, handmade by me; shirt, dad's old; shoes, Aldo. Wow, what a crappy picture. I didn't look that fat in reality, at least not that I know of. That is just my pose, and the fact that this is about five minutes after dinner. Not always the best time to take pictures of your self. Anyways, I really liked this outfit. The shirt was warm, and made the dress a lot more casual. It was lovely, I didn't wear tights, because it takes so long to take them off and put them on when I have gym, and I wasn't cold when I went to my bus stop at eight thirty this morning! 

I have worn this dress here:
If you read my live Journal blog, you might remember that I wore it to a Holiday Party, and that I made it for my grade eight prom.


  1. Thanks! I had a lot of help from my sewing teacher, but it actually worked really well.