13 April, 2009

What I Wore: Return of the Clown Pants

Shirt, Smart Set; Pants, Thrifted. I'm pretty sure that the pants are handmade, or at least custom made. They are super long. I have long legs, but when I was wearing them around the house yesterday, without heels, I had to roll up the cuffs twice, because I couldn't walk without tripping. Also, they are really well made, with all the seams perfectly finished, and everything is a lot better than what you usually buy. Thirdly, there are no tags, or place where a tag was taken out. If you want a full length view, click here.

As usual, I absolutely loved this outfit. Even after eating a huge dinner, I felt absolutely fabulous, not all bloated. I did end up sucking in my stomach for the picture, because just because I felt awesome, didn't mean that I necessarily look all that skinny. 


  1. Those pants are FAB! What a great thrifting find.

  2. Yup, my all time best thrifting find, next to the now dead Miss Sixty jeans I picked up years ago for 2.50$.