10 April, 2009

Sweet Indulgences for your Outfit

Glitter Ice Cream Sundae Necklace, Ji Ji Kiki, 7.33$ USD (The site is British, so everything is in pounds, but for simplicity I will post all the prices in USD.); Handmade Mouse Biscuit, Ji Ji Kiki, 7.33$; Iced Cupcake Necklace, Ji Ji Kiki, 5.86$; Handmade Strawberry Jammy Dodger Necklace, Ji Ji Kiki, 8.79$; Ice Cream Earrings, Ji Ji Kiki, 6.59$; Frozen yogurt Pendant, Mod Cloth, 13.99$; Happy Breakfast Pop-Tart Necklace, Mod Cloth, 13.99$; Cup Cake Love Necklace, Shana Logic, 10.00$; Lollipop Earrings, Amy Secrest, 22.00$; Cupcake Earrings, Amy Secrest, 18.00$; Yummy Pie Earrings, Amy Secrest, 18.00$

Sorry about the seriously Image heavy post, but I've been seeing all kinds of adorable food related jewelry around the web lately, and I thought I would share some with you, starting with the sweets. And yes, you can take that to mean I might do more food related jewelry posts in the future.

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