09 April, 2009

What I Wore: The Skirt

Before I begin, this was actually the best out of the ten pictures I took.  It as like 8:30 pm by the time I got home and could take pictures, so please forgive me. I should also note that my skirt is a bit bluer than in the picture. Anyways, skirt, hand made by me, I talked about wearing it here; shirt, Stiches. Wow, simple outfit. I was wearing these awesome black patent 3 inch stiletto shoes, but I had taken them off by the time I got home, because after walking in them for like 12 hours, I was getting blisters, and man did they hurt. They are usually really comfortable, but i was on my feet in them a lot more than usual today, so minor blisters. And of course, since I was with my practical dad, I couldn't admit that the shoes had defeated my, and change into my converse. Anyways, I was wearing a paper clip necklace, and two silver chains, and long, wavy, silver earrings. the earrings have about the same amount  of wave as my hair, so they look really good, but you can't see them. Notice that my hair is mostly down today! I pulled a bit back into a part pony tail, to keep it out of my face, but other than that, all down. As you have probably noticed, I rarely wear my hair down, but I think I like it. Also, I got a whole bunch of complements today, mostly about the hair. 


  1. i didn't even notice that you wore thet top on wednsday....did i even see you on wednsday?...

    by the way this is Maaike

  2. If you check back, hi Maaike! And of course you saw me on Wednesday, we only spent ages together at lunch, then after school. You probs just didn't notice my awesome top cause everyone was so distracted by my hair.