09 April, 2009

What I Wore: Stripes

Hoodie, Steetwear Society, bought at Stiches; vest, TXT; shorts, Dickeys, shoes, Converse. I should note that these are the Converse that I talk about wearing all the time. The shorts are grey with really thin white pinstripes on them. It was a bit chilly to be wearing shorts, since the thermometer says that it's 7 degrees Celsius in the shade, around twelve in the sun, but with a nasty wind chill. The camera never went off at the same time as a gust of wind came by, but the branches on the trees outside my window are blowing around like crazy. Still, i couldn't resist the lure of wearing the shorts with this sweater.


  1. Hey Rosie, this is Maaike...i do belivev it is letting me comment YEAH