30 April, 2009

What I Wore: 80s, 90s, and some other time

Shirt, my dad's old; skirt, hand-me-down; leggings, thrifted; shoes, Aldo; Dog, Animal Shelter. These are my plastic leggings, and I rediscovered them when I realized that you cannot leave the house at 8 am in a mini skirt in April, no matter how sunny it is. This outfit is sort of mix and match. Leggings in the 80s style, shirt à la 90s, and cute skirt thrown in for the fun of it!

I actually wore this on Monday, as well as today. I normally try and avoid re-wearing an outfit exactly the same way so close together, but I really loved this outfit. And on Monday I was at school, and today I just went to the hairdressers down town, so the likely hood of running in to someone I go to school with was minute. This leads me to my next point: Check out my hair! I got a good several inches shopped off, and lots of layers put in. Rosie happy! 


  1. I love 90's fashion! I cringed at it for so long but some of it can be so bad its good!!
    Thanks for your comment! I too love the couches! The arms are what made me fall in love too!
    Very space age!
    I'll show you photos when they're in my place

  2. Oh my lord, you are gorgeous! Your hair is my dream hair.