24 May, 2010

Biodiversity and Style

You may or may not be aware, but yesterday was the international day for biodiversity. (Side note: biodiversity is the diversity of different living species) Now, it may seem strange that I'm writing about this on a fashion blog, but the biodiversity of our world relates to pretty much everything else in the world. 

The most direct link to fashion though, is inspiration. Think about how many collections and outfits have been inspired by the wonders of the natural world. A two minute glance at style.com  reveals several recent collections that heavily featured animal inspiration.

The world of clothing has only touched on a small part of the multitude of plants and animals on our planet, but every time a species becomes extinct, we cut off a future source of inspiration. For this reason (and for many, many other reasons such as the stability of our ecosystems and the potential for new medicines), it is of the utmost importance to protect the different species of our wonderful planet.

It may seem like a single person can't do anything against a problem this big, but simple acts such as switching to recycled paper products around your home, buying organic produce, or shopping for clothing at second hand stores can make a difference. Possibly even more importantly, when you use your power as a consumer to say that you care about the environment and biodiversity, you can impact what the government and large corporations do.

For more information on why biodiversity is crucial, stop by this page on Global Issues detailing why biodiversity matters.

Have you ever had outfits inspired by the natural world?


22 May, 2010

New Directions

Please don't hate me! Although I completely understand if you do. The short version of why I haven't blogged in like two weeks is that I got really busy, my camera broke (the lens is jammed open), and it is apparently impossible to import photos from my phone to my computer.

If you are now going: so why don't you just post about other stuff until your camera is fixed?, well, I'm thinking about pointing the blog in a slightly new direction. I love blogging, and I love clothing, but lately blogging has been feeling a bit like a chore. And since a hobby you love should never feel like a chore, I'm going to start doing more outfit and inspiration posts. I don't know how big of a difference this will make from your point of view, but for me it should mean a more interesting, enjoyable blogging experience.

That being said, I'm afraid I'm going to have to have to mostly abandon you again until I get my camera fixed or figure out an inspiration post.

Love (and apologies),

11 May, 2010

Thanks for the Sunshine :)

I seem to have developed a mental block when it comes to doing this post. I first received this award from the ever charming Willow and Daria of Pigtails and Blushing Cheeks over two months ago. Then around a month ago, the lovely LDN Teenage Fashonista passed the award to me again. I love you all <3

When you received the award, you are asked to:
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Here are 12 of my absolute favourite bloggers:

In other news, I have been really obsessed with Ke$ha lately, especially her song Take It Off. And because this is my blog and I think that everyone should listen to it, I'm going to post it here :P I'm a generally hyperactive and happy person, but I sometimes need a little boost in the mornings, and this song is perfect for dancing around while you get ready.

Love, Rosie

09 May, 2010

Don't Fear Ridicule

If you've ever done any acting, you've probably been told "Don't fear ridicule". 

image source

And guess what? You should listen. Because what other people think doesn't matter anymore, there are so many more options open when it comes to clothing. 

Been wanting to try a different colour combination? Want to wear a funky hat? Become a gothic hippy? 

Go for it! 

You will have people stare. But most of them are staring because they wish they were brave enough to wear what they want too. You will get negative comments. But for every troll you encounter, there are probably ten people who love what you are wearing, whether they tell you or not. 

Have you ever decided not to wear something because of what people would say? 

Love, Rosie

08 May, 2010

To dry or not to dry

Wanna know one of my favourite things about summer? Hanging my clothing out to dry on the line. I guess it makes sense for someone like me, who devotes a good part of their time to the acquisition and wearing of clothing to enjoy caring for said clothing, after all, our clothing only loves us so long as we love it and take care of it.

My photo, I had just hung out my gym clothes (the black pants, capris, and blue shirts) and some recent thrift finds (everything else)

Now, I know line drying isn't possible for everyone, but if you can, I highly recommend it, for several reasons.

1. Dryers use a lot of electricity peoples! It's very earth friendly to hang your stuff out.

2. This links into point 1: it's way cheaper. All that electricity you aren't using is money in your pocket.

3. It's much gentler on your clothing. Although everything is still probably in the washer together, you won't have your super delicate silk shirts snagging on your jeans zipper in the dryer anymore. Yes, the sun can be slightly damaging, but I'd bet quite a bit that it isn't as bad as the heat of the dryer.

4. You won't have to iron as much. Honestly, I don't iron my stuff anyways, but when my clothing comes in off the line, it doesn't look at all wrinkled.

5. Line dried clothing smells amazing. Ok, so I live in a fairly rural area where smog is nonexistent, but there is nothing sweeter smelling that clothing fresh off the line.

6. I can't talk about line drying and not mention the lovely feel of the clothing. Clothing off the line have such a wonderful, crisp, clean feel to them.

So, dear readers, do you hang out your clothing? Why or why not?

07 May, 2010

What I Wore: While I Disappeared

I'M SORRY! I'm so so so so so so so sorry! I can't believe it's been like three weeks since I last posted! I do have honestly good reasons why I haven't been around, but since you probably don't have too much patience with me at the moment, I won't bore you all to death with stories about amazing drama festivals, epic environmental science competitions, trying not to fail all my classes, having strange epiphanies about my life, and all the other stuff that has been occupying my life lately. Suffice to say, I've been busy.

I may have been busy lately, but the always warming weather has had me wearing some pretty awesome outfits. Today's wasn't anything too special, but it does reflect the direction my style is moving towards fairly well.
Jeans, KappAhl; shirt, Smart Set; sandals, Birkenstock; anklet, ???; brown leather bracelet, won in a contest; painted leather bracelet, "borrowed" from my little brother; hemp bracelets, handmade by me; bandanna, ???, H&M maybe, got it in Sweden about 8 years ago

I've been wearing bandannas a lot lately, and I definitely want to get more, since the only two I have are this one and a blue wave patterned one. I had stopped wearing them a while back when a friend commented that he liked my hair down, but I realized a little while back that it's my head, and that I like bandannas. So much as I respect his opinion, I'm going to keep on wearing bandannas.

I've taken to wearing this anklet with my Birkis, pretty much just cause. Another of my latest obsessions has been to wear all the hemp bracelets I own, along with my two leather bracelets, stacked on my right wrist. I went on a huge bracelet making kick last summer or the summer before (they all run together in my head), and I still had some of them laying around, so I decided to put them to use. The huge white beads on the bracelet on the far left are pretty cool, they are white, but when exposed to UV light they turn purple.

Over all, my style has gotten a bit more laid back lately. I've been wearing a lot of outfits that are sort of simple, shirt plus skirt/jeans sort of thing. I've also been gravitating away from my super short skirts and moving more towards below knee length, flowing skirts. Not entirely obviously, but I've gotten sort of sick of having everyone stare all the time (I said sort of!). Mini skirts are also sort of hard to wear, and I found myself sitting in class always nervously pulling my skirt down. ANYWAYS, point being that my style has changed a bit, and I can't wait to see where it goes.