08 May, 2010

To dry or not to dry

Wanna know one of my favourite things about summer? Hanging my clothing out to dry on the line. I guess it makes sense for someone like me, who devotes a good part of their time to the acquisition and wearing of clothing to enjoy caring for said clothing, after all, our clothing only loves us so long as we love it and take care of it.

My photo, I had just hung out my gym clothes (the black pants, capris, and blue shirts) and some recent thrift finds (everything else)

Now, I know line drying isn't possible for everyone, but if you can, I highly recommend it, for several reasons.

1. Dryers use a lot of electricity peoples! It's very earth friendly to hang your stuff out.

2. This links into point 1: it's way cheaper. All that electricity you aren't using is money in your pocket.

3. It's much gentler on your clothing. Although everything is still probably in the washer together, you won't have your super delicate silk shirts snagging on your jeans zipper in the dryer anymore. Yes, the sun can be slightly damaging, but I'd bet quite a bit that it isn't as bad as the heat of the dryer.

4. You won't have to iron as much. Honestly, I don't iron my stuff anyways, but when my clothing comes in off the line, it doesn't look at all wrinkled.

5. Line dried clothing smells amazing. Ok, so I live in a fairly rural area where smog is nonexistent, but there is nothing sweeter smelling that clothing fresh off the line.

6. I can't talk about line drying and not mention the lovely feel of the clothing. Clothing off the line have such a wonderful, crisp, clean feel to them.

So, dear readers, do you hang out your clothing? Why or why not?


  1. i use dryer primarily because I don't have a backyard (or space) to hang it on. but if only i have, i would totally hang it.


  2. I was just chatting with another blogger the other day about how I want to hang one!

  3. I absolutely hang my clothing out! I don't have a dryer and that's not only because a) as you mentioned, they're massive electricity consumers; but b) I 100% believe that they ruin your clothes, and besides, who can go past that delicious line-dry smell?!

  4. i love drying my clothes outside! it's a rare treat in the UK as usually turns into a mad once you see the rain drops on the window!

    High street + Couture =

  5. it's too humid in the summer in florida to hang clothes out =(
    that multi layered pink and red skirt looks interesting

  6. Lovely to be able to hang your clothes to dry outside. We live in an apartment so that is not an option for us...

  7. i thought this was really interesting.. i LOVE the appeal of it and how the clothes look out on the line. unfortunately, i live in a very polluted area of the US, so whenever my clothes used to hang outside they came in smelling horrible! so sad :(

  8. I don't line dry them (I have the same problem as fashion court), but I do flat dry all my trousers and blouses at home on a drying rack in the spare room. I really do think that line/ flat drying is the most gentle on your fabrics :)