24 May, 2010

Biodiversity and Style

You may or may not be aware, but yesterday was the international day for biodiversity. (Side note: biodiversity is the diversity of different living species) Now, it may seem strange that I'm writing about this on a fashion blog, but the biodiversity of our world relates to pretty much everything else in the world. 

The most direct link to fashion though, is inspiration. Think about how many collections and outfits have been inspired by the wonders of the natural world. A two minute glance at style.com  reveals several recent collections that heavily featured animal inspiration.

The world of clothing has only touched on a small part of the multitude of plants and animals on our planet, but every time a species becomes extinct, we cut off a future source of inspiration. For this reason (and for many, many other reasons such as the stability of our ecosystems and the potential for new medicines), it is of the utmost importance to protect the different species of our wonderful planet.

It may seem like a single person can't do anything against a problem this big, but simple acts such as switching to recycled paper products around your home, buying organic produce, or shopping for clothing at second hand stores can make a difference. Possibly even more importantly, when you use your power as a consumer to say that you care about the environment and biodiversity, you can impact what the government and large corporations do.

For more information on why biodiversity is crucial, stop by this page on Global Issues detailing why biodiversity matters.

Have you ever had outfits inspired by the natural world?



  1. Beautiful. I love that McQueen was able to create pieces like that.

  2. very well said, darling!
    i got the point!

  3. very interesting post! while we take so much inspiration from nature, sadly we don't seem to give back to it as much as we should.

    your comment was hilarious, i laughed so much when i got to the french class bit! i took french in the beginning of high school and was amazingly terrible at it =P


  4. Thanks for the reminder. This is something that I honestly haven't made much of a priority in my life. But I realize the importance of it and the need to step up my efforts :)

    BTW - I was so happy to read about your grandfather!! 70 years old?? That's incredible! You should be extremely proud :)

  5. none of my outfits have ever been inspired by animals, but yes, this is a crucial topic and I'm glad you brought it up. I took an ecology course this year where we learned just how significant biodiversity is and how global warming severely decreases it, which is bad for everyone.

  6. it's so gorgeous.. i think it's more of an art. not something i'm sure i could pull off!

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  8. No, but what a fabulous, unique and completely interesting article! (And a brilliant incentive to WANT to start being influenced by nature!)

  9. A lovely reminder! And just think of all the animals on Miu Miu designs these days... I've got on old velvet jacket with zebras on it. 2nd hand is good for the environment, too - and holding on to your clothes.

  10. what an interesting connection between life and the runway! I love it! Animal inspired pieces are always so amazing...

  11. wow... beautifully written. i agree with sabine think about all the miu miu prints this season. as you have already realized i love animal prints... chetah, zebra, u name it. so yeah i am constanly inspired by natural prints in my outfits.

  12. very good post, amazing how you've linked the two!!

  13. biodiversity is incredibly important, and I love how you've linked such a frivolous topic (fashion) to something more meaningful.
    ps. Yeah, we just finished up our test a week or so ago. We both had art and I had calc and tangerine had spanish. Overall I feel I did pretty good!

  14. Of course biodiversity is everywhere.
    The world can be very complex!

  15. yes environment does matter !! love this post, thanks :)