28 September, 2010

Eclectic Love 5: Awesome Shark Hoodie

Know what's awesome?

A hoodie with teeth! And a fin.

Know what isn't awesome?

The fact that it's made for a child. And while I may be a child a heart, no matter how many times I tell my self that a Youth Large will fit, it just doesn't. *sob* I obviously plan on finding a way to have my own animal hoodie as soon as I have my sewing stuff back.

Would you wear a hoodie like that?


27 September, 2010

What I Wore: Brighter or Darker

Leggings, Classe Couture; Dress worn as skirt, Gina Tricot; shirt, Seduction; head band, Lululemon; booties, Fly London; necklace, handmade by me

My third bit colour on this trip is purple, which was an interesting choice, but I wanted to bring these leggings, so purple it is. Of course, since my only shoes are burgundy, I'm having to make it work, and this seemed like a good way. The shirt is far closer to the colour of the shoes in real life, but the light makes it seem far brighter than it really is. Or maybe my dark room in the late night/early morning made it look darker?

Do you ever realize part way through the day that a piece of clothing is not the colour you thought it was?


25 September, 2010

What I Wore: Drappy and Swishy

(This is from Tuesday)

Jeans, KappAhl; shirt, Seduction, scarf worn  as long vest thing, Joe Fresh; Headband, Lululemon.

This outfit was amazing. Really, it was. It was drappy and swishy and slightly badass feeling, but underneath it was tight and amazing and just so flattering. It sort of felt like I was some sort of awesome female Spike* (who wasn't evil or undead and has a cold and apparently cures messy hair by pushing it back with a headband).

Then I got home and I was tired and rushed and didn't feel like getting my stuff together and going out, so I balanced my camera on the stairs and stood on the landing, and all of a sudden it wasn't quite so amazing.

Almost immediately after this photo was taken, I put on my stripey blue pyjamas and got in bed and stuffily asked my Mummy if she could heat up some soup, and then I fell asleep and pretty much stayed that way until fairly recently**. This is, of course, why I have been practically dead in the online world recently, because when you can barely get you fingers to stay functioning long enough to text your mother who is downstairs working because you need more orange juice***, it's hard to type whole blog posts.

How have you been lately?


*This probably only makes sense if you are familiar with Buffy the Vampire slayer.
** Slight exagaration, but pretty accurate.
*** Yes. This is entirely true. It's far easier than yelling a lot and hurting my voice.

(PS: If you are currently thinking "Holy shit, she is so spoiled!", you would be right. I like to think it explains my many character flaws.)

20 September, 2010

What I Wore: In Theory

Jeans, KappAhl; dress worn as shirt, Gina Tricot; booties, Fly London; Scarf, hand-me-down from a friend; socks, old tights cut down and worn all scrunchie around my ankles.

This outfit is from last Friday, and I'm still not sure. In theory, I love it. In practice, the scarf fell down all day, the socks wouldn't stay where I wanted them and I'm not sure if rolled cuffs are appropriate for fall. Regardless, in theory and in photos, I love this outfit.

Do you have outfits that were only ok on you but that look amazing in photos?


PS: You may have noticed that I've pretty much only been posting outfits lately. I'm afraid that that's what it's going to be for the foreseeable future, since time is practically non-existent, and I want to spend what spare time I have enjoying being in France.  Also, in an effort to get more done, I've pretty much stopped tweeting. I'll be on every now and then, and I'll still tweet when I am putting out a new post, but if you want to get in touch with me, please leave a comment or drop me a line at rosie.unknown@gmail.com.

19 September, 2010

No Make Up Week

As someone who very much believes in giving the world the best Rosie possible, I usually wear makeup. I feel more comfortable and confident when I'm wearing it, and for these reasons I'm far more outgoing and happy. Even though I tell myself I wear it for positive reasons, it's been over two years since I spent any meaningful amounts of time around my peers without my face painted.

I don't wear much, just some concealer, eyeliner and mascara, but every morning, I carefully paint it on. I can tell myself that it's self expression all I want, it doesn't change the fact that it has become a borderline addiction.

When I found out about No Make Up Week, I was both excited and fearful. I was excited because I know it will be an amazing experiment, and I'm sure I will feel differently about makeup after, but afraid because I honestly don't know if I can do it. I'm so used to painting over the little imperfections that it will be very strange to show my self to the world.

Do you wear make up? Will you try No Make Up Week?


18 September, 2010

What I Wore: Extreme Unpradictability

Sweat pant leggings, french version of Joe Fresh, not sure what it's called; sweater, ???; shoes, Merrell; headband, Lululemon
When I realized that I have to take a gym class, I thought two things: "Awwwww, I hate gym! and Shit, I didn't bring any clothing appropriate for gym!" I came home, shared these two thoughts with my mother, and then the next day when we went grocery shopping, I got these. I don't mind wearing them because they are technically leggings, but they are gym class appropriate because they are made of sweat pants material. The day after I got them, I realized that they have another use: they are perfect for doing all sorts of fun stuff like wading in tidal pools and looking at ruined castles (but not exploring because there are falling rocks) and being awestruck by amazing menhirs and drinking coffee in tiny caf├ęs after a long day of hiking. Jealous yet? :P 

What do you were for days of extreme country side unpradictability?


Side note: I have no idea why I'm so smiley, probably because I'm beside an epic mini door.

17 September, 2010

What I Wore: Experimental Colours

Leggings, La Classe Couture; dress, Joe Fresh; shoes, Fly London; Scarf, thrifted. 

I wore this outfit last Friday, once I have built up some confidence. I wasn't too sure about the colours when I wore the outfit, the shoes seemed like one shade of red too many, but looking at the photos, I think it turned out quite  well. 

The head scarf may get a bit repetitive, since I've worn it quite a bit recently. Several days a week I have to leave the house at an ridiculously early hour, and I don't have the time or energy to actually do anything with my hair.

What do you do with your hair when it's a mess and you have no time?


16 September, 2010

What I Wore: Firsts

First off: SORRY. I've been meaning to start posting ever since we got internet over a week ago, but it's insane how time consuming doing 1.5 highly demanding high school programs in your second language while figuring out a new campus and school system and making new friends and still being a reasonably healthy human being. I don't want to sound like I'm making excuses, just honestly explaining why I disappeared. Now, on to what I've been wearing while doing all that:

Jeans, KappAhl; shirt, Seduction; shoes, Fly London; scarf, thrifted; necklaces and earrings, ???

I was, well, pretty worried about starting school here. It is for that reason, and that reason only, that I decided to dress casually for my first day. I decided that I wanted to be comfortable, confident and ready for anything, which is why I didn't break out a dress or complex outfit. Since then I've gotten a lot more confident, but more on that later.

Another first for this post: It's the first time I've worn these shoes on the blog! I got them days before we left, because I didn't have anything versatile and comfortable, but still stylish and wearable. The colour is darker than most of the red clothing I brought, but I like to think that they work anyways

How do you dress for your first day?