27 September, 2010

What I Wore: Brighter or Darker

Leggings, Classe Couture; Dress worn as skirt, Gina Tricot; shirt, Seduction; head band, Lululemon; booties, Fly London; necklace, handmade by me

My third bit colour on this trip is purple, which was an interesting choice, but I wanted to bring these leggings, so purple it is. Of course, since my only shoes are burgundy, I'm having to make it work, and this seemed like a good way. The shirt is far closer to the colour of the shoes in real life, but the light makes it seem far brighter than it really is. Or maybe my dark room in the late night/early morning made it look darker?

Do you ever realize part way through the day that a piece of clothing is not the colour you thought it was?



  1. I like the purple and red together.

  2. Hi Rosie! Believe it or not this outfit has influences of south american pre columbian cultures. The violet/red combination appears everywhere in the North of Argentina, Chile y Bolivia.
    A few years ago YSL took this amazing colour pallet and put it in purses, handbags, coats and all kind of clothes.

  3. Lol!! if I didn't wear black all the time, then perhaps I would (only because I'm such a klutz!). But no, my wardrobe is mostly black so I never have trouble wearing the "wrong" color!

  4. I love those color combos! They look soft and comfortable and stylin' at the same time.

  5. I've always liked purple mixed with red. I think it looks great on you too. And yes I've had clothes change color on me like the black tights that turned out to be navy. Oops.