25 September, 2010

What I Wore: Drappy and Swishy

(This is from Tuesday)

Jeans, KappAhl; shirt, Seduction, scarf worn  as long vest thing, Joe Fresh; Headband, Lululemon.

This outfit was amazing. Really, it was. It was drappy and swishy and slightly badass feeling, but underneath it was tight and amazing and just so flattering. It sort of felt like I was some sort of awesome female Spike* (who wasn't evil or undead and has a cold and apparently cures messy hair by pushing it back with a headband).

Then I got home and I was tired and rushed and didn't feel like getting my stuff together and going out, so I balanced my camera on the stairs and stood on the landing, and all of a sudden it wasn't quite so amazing.

Almost immediately after this photo was taken, I put on my stripey blue pyjamas and got in bed and stuffily asked my Mummy if she could heat up some soup, and then I fell asleep and pretty much stayed that way until fairly recently**. This is, of course, why I have been practically dead in the online world recently, because when you can barely get you fingers to stay functioning long enough to text your mother who is downstairs working because you need more orange juice***, it's hard to type whole blog posts.

How have you been lately?


*This probably only makes sense if you are familiar with Buffy the Vampire slayer.
** Slight exagaration, but pretty accurate.
*** Yes. This is entirely true. It's far easier than yelling a lot and hurting my voice.

(PS: If you are currently thinking "Holy shit, she is so spoiled!", you would be right. I like to think it explains my many character flaws.)


  1. Love drapey and swishy on you! & it does look super-comfortable.

  2. the last sentence of this post made my life haha

  3. love this! and yes i was a huge buffy fan, yay for spike!

  4. this looks cosy & comfy & very stylish!

  5. It does sort of have a Spike-ish vibe! (I never saw many episodes, but now my husband and I are working our way through the series and we're about 2/3 of the way through Season 2 and I love Spike's character!)

    I hope you get to feeling better soon! I'm hoping to avoid getting ill at least until after my marathon in November, but a lot of my students have been sick. So fingers crossed and Vitamin C ingested.

  6. hot black look. slimming and chic but edgy at the same time. love it!

  7. I used to call my parents from my phone in my bedroom to ask for coffee, so don't sweat it. As long as you're not bugging her, believe me your mom does not mind bringing you some OJ!