16 September, 2010

What I Wore: Firsts

First off: SORRY. I've been meaning to start posting ever since we got internet over a week ago, but it's insane how time consuming doing 1.5 highly demanding high school programs in your second language while figuring out a new campus and school system and making new friends and still being a reasonably healthy human being. I don't want to sound like I'm making excuses, just honestly explaining why I disappeared. Now, on to what I've been wearing while doing all that:

Jeans, KappAhl; shirt, Seduction; shoes, Fly London; scarf, thrifted; necklaces and earrings, ???

I was, well, pretty worried about starting school here. It is for that reason, and that reason only, that I decided to dress casually for my first day. I decided that I wanted to be comfortable, confident and ready for anything, which is why I didn't break out a dress or complex outfit. Since then I've gotten a lot more confident, but more on that later.

Another first for this post: It's the first time I've worn these shoes on the blog! I got them days before we left, because I didn't have anything versatile and comfortable, but still stylish and wearable. The colour is darker than most of the red clothing I brought, but I like to think that they work anyways

How do you dress for your first day?



  1. You look gorgeous, Rosie! How could YOU not kick butt in an ensemble like that?! :D

  2. those shoes are great!! first days of school are pretty darn nerve wracking. i remember picking out my outfit weeks before!

  3. Dear, you are absolutely stunning in that
    red shirt!
    You really paint the town red!

  4. love your hair scarf! good luck with school :-)

  5. red is a goregous colour on you. the jeans fitt u so well and the boots are divine. great outfit

  6. btw where do you go to to school now?

  7. First day at a new school is always so nerve wracking!!! Glad you're feeling comfortable and more confident in your new surroundings :) You look great! I wish I had an ounce of your confidence when I was in high school!

  8. You look adorable! I always get too dressed up for everything and end up looking just wrong. Can't help myself, I use any excuse to put on something fancy.