18 September, 2010

What I Wore: Extreme Unpradictability

Sweat pant leggings, french version of Joe Fresh, not sure what it's called; sweater, ???; shoes, Merrell; headband, Lululemon
When I realized that I have to take a gym class, I thought two things: "Awwwww, I hate gym! and Shit, I didn't bring any clothing appropriate for gym!" I came home, shared these two thoughts with my mother, and then the next day when we went grocery shopping, I got these. I don't mind wearing them because they are technically leggings, but they are gym class appropriate because they are made of sweat pants material. The day after I got them, I realized that they have another use: they are perfect for doing all sorts of fun stuff like wading in tidal pools and looking at ruined castles (but not exploring because there are falling rocks) and being awestruck by amazing menhirs and drinking coffee in tiny cafés after a long day of hiking. Jealous yet? :P 

What do you were for days of extreme country side unpradictability?


Side note: I have no idea why I'm so smiley, probably because I'm beside an epic mini door.


  1. I think you did good with the leggings - they;re the perfect length for gym and for casual wear :)


  2. That sweater is perfect for fall. Very cute.

  3. Embrace your inner gymnast! Exercise is always good. As for me, on those days of wandering around the country (and where I live that takes about an hour of driving) I'd choose jeans. I no longer go out in my workout clothes unless I'm working out. Period. You, however, look adorable in your leggings.