28 September, 2010

Eclectic Love 5: Awesome Shark Hoodie

Know what's awesome?

A hoodie with teeth! And a fin.

Know what isn't awesome?

The fact that it's made for a child. And while I may be a child a heart, no matter how many times I tell my self that a Youth Large will fit, it just doesn't. *sob* I obviously plan on finding a way to have my own animal hoodie as soon as I have my sewing stuff back.

Would you wear a hoodie like that?



  1. I cute hoody for a kid.


  2. WOULD I! :D (Yes. Definitely, DEFINITELY yes!) And darn those children and their excellent array of clothing choices! I once spied a pair of black pyjamas with glow in the dark dinosaurs and was so incredibly excited to pick them up and buy them until I noticed that they were actually little boy's pyjamas.. really, really little boy's pyjamas. D'oh!

  3. It's great! I wonder to which size they sell it (I wear children's clothes quite often, but I'm quite small...)

  4. this is super cute but i dont know if i have the guts to actually wear it myself if they made adult sizes. if i had a little boy i would have no problem though in dressing him in this cute hoodie. i bet he would love it too

  5. Cute! Im sure little kids would love to wear it! I dont know if I'd look good in that though. That look's kinda hard to pull off :D

    P.S. Hope you like my post on new ring buys!

  6. That's a cute hoodie. I bet it would be easy to make your own version of it.

  7. Oh my gosh I saw this on line and thought it was just too cute. Sometimes the cutest things are for kids, and I wonder why they don't make them for adults too.

  8. I love hoodies.. I would still wear that! lol

  9. Awww, this is a cute hoodie!
    My son will love this :-)

  10. I used to love those animal hoodies... you know the ones with the kitty ears and things on them!

  11. What a cutie hoodie!! I'm not sure I could pull it off, but I have some adorable nephews that would look awesome in one :)

  12. So cute! I'd totally wear one, if they had it in my size.