21 December, 2010

What I Wore: Giant Blanket

Jeans, Gap, thrifted; button down shirt, Smart Set, thifted; wrap, ???, my parents got it in Scotland; brooch, Heather Gem; shoes, not shown, Fly London

I really love this wrap. It's made out of super soft wool, and feels pretty much like wearing a blanket all day. As you might have guessed though, wearing a blanket all day is really bloody annoying. There are far too many things that are made difficult, such as reaching around for books, walking, carrying books, wearing a coat, the list continues.

It's so wonderful that I can't resist wearing it from time to time though, and since I wanted to spend all day curled up in bed, I figured today would be a good day. I loved most of this outfit, but I'm not sure about the whole. I felt kind of like a teacher, and while that isn't a bad thing, it's not necessarily a good thing either. It just felt too... average. All of the pieces in the outfit are lovely, but together they didn't really work for me.

What do you wear when you feel sick?


18 December, 2010

What I Wore: Shapeless Sexy

Leggings*, ???; demin mini skirt, ???; sweater, Marks & Spencer's, "borrowed" from my dad; boots, not shown, La Canadienne

I often look at my photos and think either: "wow, did that really look that good?" or "wow, did that really look like that?" With this outfit, it was the latter. I mean, I new that it looked baggy and shapeless, but in the mirror and on me, it looked more, casual sexy and not so much shapeless large sweater. I think it might be the camera angle, but you can't really see how it hung of my boobs, then sort of showed my shape through the hugeness. I'm going to stop trying to describe this now, because my brain is fried and I really want to go to bed.
Do your outfits look way different in photos and on you?


* My leggings are opaque, but they are printed to look like jeans and have a lighter area.

17 December, 2010

What I Wore: Almost Repeat

Sweater, thrifted, Wet Seal; skirt, thrifted, ???; leggings, la Classe Couture; boots, not shown, La Canadienne
This outfit was just oh-so-fun. Or maybe it was my day that was amazing. I'm not sure. Anyways, I like this outfit. I'm fairly certain that I've worn a very close approximation to this outfit in the past, I am however, rather certain that I've never worn this exact combination.

You may have noticed, but I've been on a bit of a short skirt kick ever since getting home. I guess it's the unseasonably warm weather, but I just don't want to think about wearing long skirts just yet. It may also be because I just don't like most of my longer skirts as much, but I'll have to wait till I can find employment to fix that problem. 

What kind of clothing are you really into at the moment?


16 December, 2010

Eclectic Love 15: Analyzed and Liked

I really like the clean, sharp edges on this ring. Despite all the layers, it has a simplistic feel to it, and the colours are highlighted beautifully.

To conclude, I have been writing too many essays lately and I really don't have the brain power required to analyze why I like the ring, but my fingers are typing out the words anyways.

Do you find that the writing you do affects your tone on your blog?


14 December, 2010

What I Wore: Can't stop smiling

leggings, thrifted, ???; skirt, Åhlens; sweater, "borrowed" from my little brother, ???; belt, Joe Fresh; scarf (which is purple with a yellow pattern), thrifted, ???; boots, not shown, La Canadienne

When I said a while back that outdoor outfit posts would resume once I got home, I had forgotten that even here, a week before the winter solstice, it is very much dark when I get home, and I never have time in the morning. Even that couldn't bring down my smile though, because I'm just so happy to be home.

In a way, I feel like this thought pretty much sums up my outfit/day/mood: "I'm skipping down my small residential street in the dark, Prince blasting through my pink earbuds, purple tutu twirling, vintage leather backpack filled with books banging into my back, and I never want this feeling to end."

Do you ever find that your outfit, day and mood match up really well?


10 December, 2010

What I Wore: Waldo's Older Sister

Jeans, KappAhl; red turtleneck, ???; striped shirt, leminor; hat, leminor; shoes, Fly London

This hat is the amazing find I mentioned in my last post. Mummy thinks it looks rather silly, and I have to agree, but that doesn't stop it from being wonderful. I'm a teensy bit jealous, because with my sister's hair cut and glasses she looks exactly like Waldo when wearing it. Even if I only look vaguely like Waldo in it, I still love it to death. It's just so soft and it's super cozy!

What do you love even if you look rather silly in it?


09 December, 2010

Art Show Time: Super Simple Sketch

painted in Corel Painter using digital water colour
I have this really great idea. This is not a very accurate representation of what the finished painting is going to look like, I'm just working on composition. I'm going to do the finished piece in paint (probably acrylic) on a stretched canvas, but I had a few spare minutes* today so I started thinking about the composition of the painting. Ultimately I decided that super simple was the way to go with this piece, so that the colours and style of painting can really take the spot light.

When I do the actual painting I think I'm going to make the horizon curved slightly on both sides to make it feel like a bigger vista, and I'll obviously work more on the shapes of the hills, but I think this is pretty close to what the finished painting will end up looking like. I'll post a photo of that as soon as it's done, so keep a look out for that sometime within the next few months**.

Do you like super simple composition and complex technique, or does an intricate composition intrigue you more?


*Quite literally.
** Interpret as you like. It probably means that I'll finish it before the end of 2011, but nothing is guaranteed.

08 December, 2010

What I Wore: Studious Me

Jeans, KappAhl; striped shirt, leminor; sweater, ???; headband, Lululemon; watch, Ushuaïa

I wouldn't have gotten dressed at all, but I was home from school studying (read: watching YouTube videos), and my lunch options were the ever appetizing mouse de foie on cauliflower or going out for vietmesse* with my mum, so I obviously opted to go out. I'm rather glad I did end up going out though, because if I hadn't I probably would have missed a rather awesome find that I will show you all on Friday, in my next outfit post because it hasn't left my head since I got it.

What are your go to outfits for when you don't want to get dressed but have to go out?


* I don't know if that's the appropriate word, but food from Vietnam.

07 December, 2010

Eclectic Love 14: Almost in Love

I am almost entirely in love with this dress. The only thing that could make it more gorgeous is if it had a loose, floor-length skirt. Still, I adore the contrast between the loose, long sleeve and the tight-fitted body.

Do you like super cohesive pieces, or do you like some contrast?


06 December, 2010

What I Wore: Camera Face

Jeans, KappAhl; white sweater, hand-me-down, ???; coat, Mountain Equipment Co-op; head band, Lululemon; camera, Canon; camera bag, Golia; scarf tied to bag, thrifted; shoes, not shown, Merrell; photo, courtesy of a friend

I would give you a bigger, colour photo of this outfit, but I don't have any where I a) look half decent and b) that don't include tons of friends who don't necessarily want to be on my blog and c) show my face, not my camera surrounded by hair.

This outfit dates back... several weeks? It's what I wore when my art class went on a field trip to Paris, and if you think I'm looking pretty casual for a visit to PARIS, I would like to point out that we saw three museums, walked everywhere, got off the bus at 9 am and didn't get back on until 11:30 pm, and all that was after spending a night on the bus, during which nobody managed to sleep*.

What do you wear for trips when you are going for days on end?


* And yes, that whole sentence was pretty much just me bragging about how epic I think the trip was.

04 December, 2010

Photo to Outfit: Bird on the Blue Sky

One of my favourite things about the fall is the trees without any leaves on them. Not only can you get all sorts of cool patterns from the branches and the sky as a back drop, but you also see the birds more. I took this photo of an unidentified black bird a few weeks ago*, and I couldn't help but think that it would look really cool as an outfit.

Raven on Clear Skies

Raven on Clear Skies by RosieUnknown 

I'm not really sure what occasion this is appropriate for, it you're me probably just school, but I think it would be fun for a casual party or I'm not sure what else. I really wanted to find some sort of think fish net cardigan to go over the dress, but a lace sweat shirt was the best I could do and I think that it would create a nice contrast with the more dressy dress.

Where would you wear an outfit like this?


 * I think it was a rook but I really have no clue. 

02 December, 2010

Art Show Time: Uninspired

Shot with my Canon Rebel XS

I really wanted to have something real, something worth showing this week, but I just... don't.

It's not that I don't have ideas, because I do. I really do. I guess the main problem is that I can't act on them at the moment. For example, I have this really great series of paintings I'm planning right now, but I can't actually start them because a) I don't have and can't afford 13 medium sized square canvas and the required paints and b) we are leaving soon, so I don't have the time to finish them, and I would have to ship them home. And right now, I feel like if I can't work on the projects I have in mind, I just can't think of anything else to work on either.

What do you do when you feel uninspired?


01 December, 2010

What I Wore: (Day)Dreaming of Pirates

Jeans, KappAlh; shirt, Seduction; sweater, ???; bandana, H&M, over 8 years ago; shoes, not shown, Fly London

I've been home sick recently. Nothing serious, just a slight illness paired with extreme laziness, and I spent all of yesterday rewatching the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Mostly this just left me with an irrational desire to be run away, join a bunch of pirates and be completely badass. Sadly, this daydream is even less unlikely to come true than the one where I drop out of school, move in with a lover and become a hippy artist who experiments with drugs and sexuality*, so I contented my self to wearing a bandana.

Do your daydreams affect how you dress?


*It is, however, more likely than the one where I somehow get transported back in time and get my Hogwarts letter and join the trio and have wonderful adventures and help defeat Voldemort.

PS: If you think my daydreams are weird, don't let me get started on my actual dreams that I have at night.

30 November, 2010

Eclectic Love 13: Gorgeous Glimmer

When I wear earrings, I generally like them to be big enough to be visible under my hair, or make an even bigger statement when I have my hair pulled back, but I think the gold and red on these would create a gorgeous glimmer even under my hair. 

Also, I love any way to show my love of tea.

Do you prefer big or small earrings?


29 November, 2010

What I Wore: Home sweet home sickness

Dress, Joe Fresh; sweater, hand-me-down, ???; scarf, gift from a friend; black leggings, not shown, ???; shoes, not shown, Fly London; super big smile; I was going to see Deathly Hallows Part 1
I've been wearing scarves under this sweater virtually non-stop recently. Even if my head does look a bit like an egg in a nest, it's a super warm and comfy egg so it doesn't really matter. 

The weirdest stuff has been making me home sick lately. I was putting on this scarf, and I remembered how it reminds me a bit of the ceinture fleché that the voyageurs, métis and other french canadiens wore. The only canoeing I've done has been on lakes in a two person canoe, I'm not french canadian, I've never been out west and I'm not french canadian, but it still makes me want to be home. Other little things like the cold wind on my way to the bus stop and the shops beginning getting ready for Christmas have made me want to break down and cry, because even if I love it here, it just doesn't feel like home. I feel like we are in that weird transitioning state where we aren't traveling, but we aren't settling in either, and sometimes I just want to hug my puppy, I want to smile at my friends in the hallway*, I want to go back to my school.

What makes you homesick, even when you are super happy?

* I love my friends here a lot too, but it doesn't stop me from missing everyone back home.

27 November, 2010

What I Wore: Starting to Wear

Sweater, hand-me-down, ???; dress, worn as skirt, Suzy Sheer; scarf, borrowed from my mummy; leggings, La Classe Couture, shoes, not shown, Fly London

Clothing wise, I'm very glad that the end is in sight. This sweater is starting to come undone (simple to fix, but I need supplies I don't have here), a small hole has turned up in my Gina Tricot leggings, and a not so tiny hole has appeared in my black long sleeved shirt, which is no problem since I have a very similar one at home, but worrying since it's the only one I have here. I really shouldn't be surprised, since such heavy wear and the harsher washer here were bound to hurt my clothing, but I'm still a but annoyed that clothing that held up perfectly for over a year is starting to go.

On a different note, I've had a pretty formal posting schedule for a while now, and I was wondering: What do you think? Are there too many outfits? Would you like less art? Are there too many posts per week? Too few? Would you like a more random order, or is the predictability good?


25 November, 2010

Art Show Time: Just a Sketch

Shot with Canon Rebel XS, edited in Gimp
Before you look at the photo above and decide that I am the laziest person ever to share artwork on the internet, hear me out. This is not the finished piece. It is a sketch, if you will, for one third of the finished work. Now, I understand if you are still royally annoyed at my halfassedness. I wanted to share the finished work but the world has been conspiring against me to stop me from finishing the project.

Do you consider the sketches made while working on a piece important, or just the final product?


24 November, 2010

What I Wore: Mid-semester crisis

Dress, Joe Fresh; long sleeved shirt, Seduction; Leggings, Gina Tricot; shoes (not shown), Fly London;  necklace, gift shop in Ireland

And, as you probably managed to figure out, this is the said necklace. It's rather delicate feeling, but I quite like it anyways.

Sorry it's short today, but I'm really exhausted and having a mid-semester crisis (this years topic is university, and my doubts about whether or not I should go.)

Do you have post-secondary training or education? Has it helped you in your life?


23 November, 2010

Eclectic Love 12: Illogical Lust

I'm a bit out of line lusting after this beauty, since I have a vaguely similar cardigan in my closet back home (which I will wear and show you the day I get back), but I desperately want this one too. I've tried to get my brain to see reason, but it just won't listen.

What are you illogically lusting after?

22 November, 2010

What I Wore: Indoor Outfit

Skirt, thrifted, ???; turtle neck, ???; sweater, hand-me-down; leggings, ???; shoes (not shown), Fly London

I'm trying to get organized to take proper nice looking photos, I really am. There is really nothing I can do when it's pouring rain, though, so yet another indoor photo today.

This was more of an indoor outfit anyways, with it's skirt that twisted around when I walked, it's warm, but not wind proof sweater and it's exposed ankles. The leggings are the only thing I would have changed, but since my quest for tights has been entirely unsuccessfully I am stuck with exposed ankles.

What piece of clothing never fits you properly?


18 November, 2010

Art Show Time: Musings on Fish

Shot with a Canon Digital Eos Rebel XS, cropped in Aperture

I like fish. That may sound like a rather uninteresting statement, but hear me out.

Fish are pretty much totally different from people, and because of this, I feel like we will never fully understand them. And in a way, I appreciate this. When it comes to fish, I don't feel the need to interpret and think too hard*. Instead, I just enjoy their beauty and, strangely, their company.

I think that's what I was trying to get across with this photo.

Do you like fish? Why or why not?


* Obviously, there is a lot to be said about studying fish. It's just something I don't like to think about too much.

17 November, 2010

What I Wore: Tucked In

Jeans, KappAhl; black long sleeved shirt, Seduction; patterned short sleeved shirt, a dress from Suzie Sheer; scarf, thrifted; shoes, not shown, Merrell

This dress-as-a-top looked great. I loved it just as much as I love wearing it as a dress (which is a lot), but I had momentary fits of rage against it. To shorten it I tucked the hem into the waist band of my jeans, then let the rest fall over to make it look like a hip length shirt. The problem with this plan was that every time I went to the bathroom, and after gym class, I had to tuck it back in. Evenly.

The flip side of the rather elaborate tucking was that I had an entirely stress free day, when it came to my shirt meeting my pants, since both shirts were all tucked in*.

What part of your outfit do you worry about?


*I don't care if that makes me sound like someone's boring mother, it made me feel fabulous.

What I Wore: Moderately Smiley

Skirt, thrifted, ???; plaid sweater, ???; red shirt, underneath, Seduction; leggings, Gina Tricot; shoes, not shown, Fly London

In my opinion, there is nothing* like some double plaid to make a day of math a lot more fun. And just look at the photo, anyone could see that I am at my moderately smiley stage of happiness, so I think I can conclude that the outfit did it part.

What do you wear to cheer yourself up?


*Other than mass quantities of junk food, but that tends to leave one feeling rather sick.

16 November, 2010

Eclectic Love 11: Multi-seasonal Flora

70s Floral Mini Dress

I love the look of this dress. There is just something so perfect about the bright colours on the black background that words just can't describe. 

My favourite part is that I think it would look equally great with strappy sandals as it would with a pair of black tights and some tall boots.

What say you, does it really look as multi-season friendly as I think it does?


15 November, 2010

What I Wore: Albino

Gray-Black Jeans, KappAhl; Shirt, Le Minor; dark socks, ???, old tights cut down; white socks, ???; shoes (not shown), Fly London; gray tank top (not visible), H&M; my suddenly albino skin, me forgetting to fix the white balance and then half-assedly doing it later.

Sadly, I can't take outside outfit photos at the moment. Other days when I get home earlier may be doable, but the street lights were on by the time I got home today, but there aren't any where I take photos.

I went back to school toady after my holiday, which was lovely, because I saw all my friends again, but awful because I had to get up early.

What occasions give you serious mixed feelings?


13 November, 2010

What I Wore: Two by two

Jeans, KappAhl; red turtle neck, ???; white sweater, hand-me-down; shoes, Merrell; rain coat, Mountain Equipment Coop

This is the reason I haven't posted many outfits over the past few weeks: I haven't been wearing anything worth posting. I've been virtually living in two tank tops, two long sleeved shirt, two pairs of jeans and a sweater while we were traveling in England, Wales and Ireland.

The other reason is that pretty much all the photos of me look like this:

This is the original that I took this outfit photo from. For those of you who don't know, I was at Newgrange, in Ireland. And while it's fine for showing how impressive the mound is, as you can see above, it isn't very good for showing my outfit.

You needn't worry though, because I'm back and settled (for the moment anyways), so outfit posting should go back to normal.

Do you post when you don't have much to post about?


12 November, 2010

Art Show Time: I like the Colours

I like the colours, ok?

Sidenote: Is this photo more impressive if you know that I took it one-handedly while walking and eating a very precariously balanced ice cream cone?

What silly feats are you inappropriately proud of?


10 November, 2010

Interesting Random Cohesiveness

I don't know if it's because I have been living out of a third of a hiking back pack for the past two weeks, or because I've been seeing all the amazingly dressed girls over here in the UK, but I am starting to get really and truly bored with my clothing*.

I've been wanting to wear sort of random outfits that only sort have a cohesiveness to them. I hope that made sense, I really don't know how to put it. I've also been missing my more interesting clothing and accessories, like my pirate hat, my cat ears, most of my jewelry, my many sweaters, most of my skirts, well, you get the picture.

What look are you going for this winter?


*If you were doubting this fact, I've already started planning what I'll wear once I have my whole closet back in about a month.

09 November, 2010

Eclectic Love 10: Ruffled Zebra

I don't have too much to say about these, other than that it doesn't get any more awesome that pants made out of ruffles. Add in a flared leg and a black and white palette, well, if it weren't for my extreme brokeness I would never wear anything else. How could I, when I could have ruffled zebra legs?

Do you ever see a piece of clothing and realize that it's perfect for you?


PS: I know that posting has been sketchy at best in the past few weeks, but everything will be back to normal very soon. 

04 November, 2010

Art Show Time: Sheep

Digital photo taken with a Canon Rebel XS, slightly straightened in Aperture
I'm afraid that I don't actually have anything very exciting to show you, since I have spent the past week tramping through forests and sheep fields. The sheep fields have become rather a nuisance for the rest of my family, since I always want to stop and talk to the sheep. I blame my parents, since my strange habits come from either nature or nurture, so they are responsible either way and can't complain.

If your eyes are glazing over, sorry, but quite frankly, so are mine and I really can't think of anything to say to explain why my piece of art for the week is a picture of a sheep.

Do you like to talk to animals?


03 November, 2010

What I Wore: Exterme Unfashionability

Rain pants, Mountain Equipment Coop; leggings (not visible), ???; rain coat, Mountain Equipment Coop; shirt (not visible), Seduction; shoes, Merrell

I think I mentioned this back in August, but when my family goes on vacation we tend to do things that, depending on who you are, could be considered, well, we tend to climb small mountains and tramp through forests in the rain. That being said, it's hard to enjoy beautiful views and adorable sheep when you are soaking wet or really cold, so I've been wearing pretty much this outfit for a while now, and I love it, despite the extreme unfashionability of it.

Do you go hiking much? What do you wear?


02 November, 2010

Eclectic Love 9: Avoided Colour

Despite the continued cooling of the temperature, I can't help but wish for simple, light dresses.

There is something so perfect about clean lines and simple shapes, and they are even better in white. Even though I generally avoid white because I am terribly clumsy and prone to spilling, my heart is calling for it's simplicity.

What colour do you tend to avoid?


29 October, 2010

What I Wore: Go with the flow-y

Jeans, KappAhl; tank top (under my shirt, not visible), Joe Fresh; shirt, ???; shoes, Merrell; head band, Lululemon; coat (on the ground behind me), Mountain Equipment Coop

My outfits lately have been super lazy since we've been doing loads of touristy stuff and comfort is my top priority. I definitely don't believe in wearing sweat pants when traveling, but I just can't face wearing anything fussy when my day consists of walking for six hours a day, doing lots of reading and looking and negotiating busy trains. On the other hand, everyone here is so nicely dressed, I wish I were making more of an effort, but I really need my clothing to be easily adaptable and go with the flow-y.

How do you dress when you are traveling?


28 October, 2010

Art Show Time: Unreasonable Expectations

Tempera paint on a cotton canvas on a wooden frame.
If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember that late last week I spent a whole bunch of time painting, and that I had my piece up in a gallery*.

This is the painting that ate up about 6 hours of my life to make, and about another 3 to go to the exhibition opening. I haven't painted anything since last May/June, and I had never worked on a canvas before, so it was a pretty steep remembering/learning curve for me, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm slightly annoyed with myself because I think I could have blended with much more subtlety, it's not very fair of me to compare the painting to the pencil sketch though. I have always been far more comfortable in pencil, and this one had turned out spectacularly, so it created pretty huge expectations in my mind.

Do you create unreasonable expectations for yourself?


*For full clarity, my entire class had their project shown, so it's not like I was chosen for it or anything like that.

26 October, 2010

Eclectic Love 8: Patchwork Daydreams

Winter hasn't even started yet, but I'm already daydreaming of spring clothing. I want to wear light, floaty skirts. I want whimsy. I want anything not involving covering my entire body in at least two layers of fabric.

This dress satisfies the first two desires perfectly, but sadly, for the next six months or so leg coverage will be mandatory for all people who don't like frostbite, so I will have to stick to day dreaming for now.

What would you be wearing right now if you didn't have to worry about weather?


25 October, 2010

What I Wore: Purple and Green and RED

Jeans, KappAhl; shoes, Fly London; shirt, H&M; sweater, ???; headband, Lululemon.

I've spent the past several days doing tons of cleaning and packing, so outfits have pretty much just been whatever I happened to throw on in the morning. Today, I wouldn't have gotten dressed at all, except I had to go down to the post office, and my conscious wouldn't let me walk across town in my pyjamas.

I would have actually loved this outfit if I had had a pair of black, green or purple shoes to wear with it, but I was reasonably happy with it as it is.

What do you wear when you have to run out but don't want to get dressed?


22 October, 2010

What I Wore: Dramatic Artist

Leggings, ???; black long sleeved t-shirt, Seduction; dress, Joe Fresh; earrings, Claire's; shoes (not shown), Fly London

Comfort was essencial today since I had a three hour French test this morning, but a lack of fussiness was also important since I spent three hours this afternoon in the studio painting. This may become y go to outfit for painting, since there is something about wearing all black with red heels that makes it even more fun.

Do you find that your outfit affects how you feel about certain activities?


21 October, 2010

Art Show Time: Dystopian Literature

Pencil Crayon and Permanent Marker on Drawing Paper
Know what happens when I read dystopian novels (specifically, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley) and have too much time to think about them?

I start coming up with ways to represent those novels through my current favourite style of art: vaguely abstract.

Because one of my favourite parts of art is thinking about and drawing conclusions from other people's art*, all I'm going to say about this piece is that I think it would have represented my idea better if the lines of black words where closer together.

How do you help yourself understand books as you read them?


*And I'm really tired and can't form sentences.

20 October, 2010

What I Wore: Fuzzy Purple

Dress, Gina Tricot; leggings, La Class Couture; sweater, ???; shoes, Kickers, borrowed from my sister; head band, Lululemon; earrings, vintage

Today was one of those days where everything just kept getting in the way of my photos. I had to go to the grocery store, then make dinner, then we ate and the landlady dropped by unannounced and then it was 8 pm and really dark and my auto-focus doesn't work and now I'm all fuzzy.

As you may or may not know, today was wear purple in memory of GLBT youths who have commit suicide because of bullying day. I don't want to get into politics or personal beliefs (this is a fashion blog, not a politics or philosophy blog), but I wanted to show my support in all ways possible, which is why I could be spotted wearing all the purple I currently have today.

Did you wear purple today?


19 October, 2010

Eclectic Love 7: Avacado or Brown

When it gets cold, I immediately start thinking of one thing. Ok, several things, but in this context, one thing. 


Since last fall, I have become very passionate on the subject of sweaters. I have amassed a considerable collection (which is almost all at home *sob*), I have come to love wool and I have embraced winter because I can now wear my lovely sweaters.

The mere fact of having something like 30 sweaters in my closet doesn't stop me from coming up with other styles I want to get though, and at the top of my list at the moment are 1970s crochet sweaters, preferably in colours like avacado or brown.

I can't get any more sweaters right now, but if I could, this one would be the first to join my collection. Not only is it gorgeous and cozy looking and avacado coloured, but it also matches my text colour on the blog (this is a very important feature that I look for in a sweater).

How do you keep cozy in the winter?


18 October, 2010

What I Wore: layering

Dress, Joe Fresh; skirt, thrifted; leggings, ???; shoes, Fly London; watch, Ushuaïa; out of focus photo, the fact that it was misting and I wanted to get inside ASAP

This is my first attempt at skirt layering, and personally I think it went pretty well. It was a bit bulky, but the dress sat much better on top of the skirt. Not only does it look good, but I was really surprised by how much warmer it was. I didn't thing that simply adding a skirt would change anything, but it really did. Now I can't wait till I get home to my full skirt collection!

What are your favourite things to layer?


15 October, 2010

What I Wore: Tied Together

Leggings, ???; black dress, Joe Fresh; pink tank top, H&M; shoes, Fly London; scarf, local market; watch, Ushuaïa

My mum got me this tank top recently, and I've been pondering how to wear it for a while. I could wear it with my orange sweater and Merrells, but that's a bit athletic for my taste. I could go for all out clashy goodness with red clothing. Then I found this scarf, which is perfect as a bridge from the pink to red.

Secondly, a note on the photo: I did not turn my head just as this was taken. It was just really, really windy as I sat on a rock on the deserted beach in my fairly thin outfit. I would have taken more photos, but after the first ten I had to put my coat back on, sling my camera around my neck and stuffed my hands in my pockets.

Do you use accessories to tie together colours or looks?


14 October, 2010

Art Show Time: Ghost Rosies

Shot with my Canon Rebel XS using the standard kit lens, edited with Aperture and Corel Painter

I've been experimenting with digitally layering photos lately. I've been lazily considering it since I saw this post by Lisa of Lisa's Likes back in February, but I just didn't get around to actually trying anything.

This first experiment didn't turn out how I planed, but I'm pretty happy with the Ghost Rosies (if you can't see them, try turning out the brightness on your screen). When I went back to find that link to Lisa's post, I came across her tutorial on how to do it, so I think I will be trying this project again very soon.

Do you have a project that didn't turn out as planned but that you liked anyways?


13 October, 2010

What I Wore: HATED

Dress, Suzy Sheer; turtle neck, no idea, I got it at a store here in France, but I can't remember where :(; leggings, Gina Tricot; shoes, Fly London; strange facial expression, me trying to smile for the camera; awkward hand, me not taking enough shots

I have hated turtle necks for years. HATED. I was utterly and totally convinced that they were trying to strangle me. Then, once I got a bit older and discovered cleavage, I hated how much of me they covered. This one was only 6 euros though, and it's bright red and it's super soft and I couldn't say no. I'm glad I ended up getting it, because now that I've worn it I have all sorts of thoughts on ways that turtle necks will make my life better.

Is there a type of clothing that you started off hating and grew to love?


12 October, 2010

Eclectic Love 6: Knee Socks

Since the weather has started getting colder, so have my feet. And while I love to wear thick woolen sports socks at home, they don't fit in my shoes all that well, which has left me lusting after pretty, but warm socks.

My brain immediately leaps to knee socks, because while I absolutely adore the idea of them, they never actually work out for me. It's really such a burden having long legs. Having seen these though, I'm starting to think that I will have to find some that work on my legs.

Do you wear knee socks?


11 October, 2010

What I Wore: Impulsive Love

Jeans, KappAhl; tank top, H&M; sweater, not sure what brand, I got it at a grocery store in France; booties, Fly London

As I followed my mother around the grocery store on Saturday, complaining about how I don't have enough sweaters and generally acting like a spoiled brat, we came across a sale rack full of sweaters. I am making a point to be a brat more often now.

In all seriousness though, this sweater is amazing! As soon as I have time I'll take better photos of it, but as you can sort of see here, it has this really huge shawl-like collar that goes all the way around. Other pros: PURPLE and COSY. Need I say more?

Do you have impulse buys that have become favourites?