09 December, 2010

Art Show Time: Super Simple Sketch

painted in Corel Painter using digital water colour
I have this really great idea. This is not a very accurate representation of what the finished painting is going to look like, I'm just working on composition. I'm going to do the finished piece in paint (probably acrylic) on a stretched canvas, but I had a few spare minutes* today so I started thinking about the composition of the painting. Ultimately I decided that super simple was the way to go with this piece, so that the colours and style of painting can really take the spot light.

When I do the actual painting I think I'm going to make the horizon curved slightly on both sides to make it feel like a bigger vista, and I'll obviously work more on the shapes of the hills, but I think this is pretty close to what the finished painting will end up looking like. I'll post a photo of that as soon as it's done, so keep a look out for that sometime within the next few months**.

Do you like super simple composition and complex technique, or does an intricate composition intrigue you more?


*Quite literally.
** Interpret as you like. It probably means that I'll finish it before the end of 2011, but nothing is guaranteed.

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