16 December, 2010

Eclectic Love 15: Analyzed and Liked

I really like the clean, sharp edges on this ring. Despite all the layers, it has a simplistic feel to it, and the colours are highlighted beautifully.

To conclude, I have been writing too many essays lately and I really don't have the brain power required to analyze why I like the ring, but my fingers are typing out the words anyways.

Do you find that the writing you do affects your tone on your blog?



  1. Well Rosie I pretty much only write for my blog and comments on other people's blogs, but once upon a time I'm sure the essays on Jane Eyre would have made an impact. Sometimes what I read impacts my writing style.

  2. That ring is such a great stand-out piece! I definitely have less brain wave activity to devote to my blog when I'm in really productive or busy modes with my academic work. Good luck with the essays!