06 December, 2010

What I Wore: Camera Face

Jeans, KappAhl; white sweater, hand-me-down, ???; coat, Mountain Equipment Co-op; head band, Lululemon; camera, Canon; camera bag, Golia; scarf tied to bag, thrifted; shoes, not shown, Merrell; photo, courtesy of a friend

I would give you a bigger, colour photo of this outfit, but I don't have any where I a) look half decent and b) that don't include tons of friends who don't necessarily want to be on my blog and c) show my face, not my camera surrounded by hair.

This outfit dates back... several weeks? It's what I wore when my art class went on a field trip to Paris, and if you think I'm looking pretty casual for a visit to PARIS, I would like to point out that we saw three museums, walked everywhere, got off the bus at 9 am and didn't get back on until 11:30 pm, and all that was after spending a night on the bus, during which nobody managed to sleep*.

What do you wear for trips when you are going for days on end?


* And yes, that whole sentence was pretty much just me bragging about how epic I think the trip was.


  1. B&w photos are more intersting!

  2. I would wear exactly what you are wearing! I see so many tourists prancing around NYC in ridiculous high heels looking like they've walked out of the Sex and the City set. I can only imagine how ridiculously blistered and sore their feet are by the end of the day! Sight seeings requires comfy shoes :)

  3. I'd probably wear what you wore, but with a backpack! Sounds great by the way, and I hope you're going to elaborate later.