01 December, 2010

What I Wore: (Day)Dreaming of Pirates

Jeans, KappAlh; shirt, Seduction; sweater, ???; bandana, H&M, over 8 years ago; shoes, not shown, Fly London

I've been home sick recently. Nothing serious, just a slight illness paired with extreme laziness, and I spent all of yesterday rewatching the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Mostly this just left me with an irrational desire to be run away, join a bunch of pirates and be completely badass. Sadly, this daydream is even less unlikely to come true than the one where I drop out of school, move in with a lover and become a hippy artist who experiments with drugs and sexuality*, so I contented my self to wearing a bandana.

Do your daydreams affect how you dress?


*It is, however, more likely than the one where I somehow get transported back in time and get my Hogwarts letter and join the trio and have wonderful adventures and help defeat Voldemort.

PS: If you think my daydreams are weird, don't let me get started on my actual dreams that I have at night.


  1. hey you can totally still be bad ass without being a pirate! :)

  2. Oh your daydreams are fine - If I let mine run away with me you'd see me running around in robes with a pointy hat too! (A little chic one set on one side of my head with a bit of net I think.)

  3. Cute outfit.=) Daydreaming is fun.

  4. Lol!! I'm with you on the getting a lover daydream! Living in a little flat in Paris, making love, art and trouble ;o) I had this Johnny Depp poster in college, and I envisioned this is exactly how my lover would look like!