30 November, 2010

Eclectic Love 13: Gorgeous Glimmer

When I wear earrings, I generally like them to be big enough to be visible under my hair, or make an even bigger statement when I have my hair pulled back, but I think the gold and red on these would create a gorgeous glimmer even under my hair. 

Also, I love any way to show my love of tea.

Do you prefer big or small earrings?



  1. wow! those earrings are so quirky and cute without being that weird tacky not-really-vintage that the high street is currently peddling - what i'm trying to say is, they're right up my street :')
    x x x

  2. cuuuteee! I don't actually have my ears pierced but i love great big clip on ones but always forget to put them on! :) x

  3. I prefer big earrings specifically pearl earrings!
    i can't leave home without wearing them.

  4. Big, small - I love them both! :D But I have to admit, I AM a sucker for a quirky looking design and those earrings are truly fabulous!

  5. sweet! :)


  6. For going on, I say go BIG or go home! For day to day, I wear small diamond hoops that go with just about anything!

  7. Great earrings! I like them small and big, dangly and round. I just like earrings in general, but I am picky with what they look like.