24 November, 2010

What I Wore: Mid-semester crisis

Dress, Joe Fresh; long sleeved shirt, Seduction; Leggings, Gina Tricot; shoes (not shown), Fly London;  necklace, gift shop in Ireland

And, as you probably managed to figure out, this is the said necklace. It's rather delicate feeling, but I quite like it anyways.

Sorry it's short today, but I'm really exhausted and having a mid-semester crisis (this years topic is university, and my doubts about whether or not I should go.)

Do you have post-secondary training or education? Has it helped you in your life?



  1. That dress is stellar on you!

    I have a BA, MA, and PhD and teach university, so I'm a little biased on the topic of higher education....

  2. You need to go to a university. Don't bother even asking "if". If you want a decent paying job you have to have an education. Plus people will take you more seriously, you can never decide to go back later (yes, people do it but it's really difficult.) and finally ITS FUN. Don't miss out. Just go. You don't have to go to "the best" or the most expensive or anything, but find one you can afford and do it. I have friends who didn't go or didn't finish for one reason or another and it's the one thing they regret in their life.