16 November, 2010

Eclectic Love 11: Multi-seasonal Flora

70s Floral Mini Dress

I love the look of this dress. There is just something so perfect about the bright colours on the black background that words just can't describe. 

My favourite part is that I think it would look equally great with strappy sandals as it would with a pair of black tights and some tall boots.

What say you, does it really look as multi-season friendly as I think it does?



  1. yes! i definitely agree it would!

  2. Around here you could probably go winter to spring, but it would be too warm for summer and early fall. It is cute though. Would be nice mixed with a multicolor LV purse (remember those?)

  3. What a lovely dress! I can totally also see it with black tights and boots.

  4. I agree with Sabine! I can definitely see this with some opaque tights and tall boots!