10 November, 2010

Interesting Random Cohesiveness

I don't know if it's because I have been living out of a third of a hiking back pack for the past two weeks, or because I've been seeing all the amazingly dressed girls over here in the UK, but I am starting to get really and truly bored with my clothing*.

I've been wanting to wear sort of random outfits that only sort have a cohesiveness to them. I hope that made sense, I really don't know how to put it. I've also been missing my more interesting clothing and accessories, like my pirate hat, my cat ears, most of my jewelry, my many sweaters, most of my skirts, well, you get the picture.

What look are you going for this winter?


*If you were doubting this fact, I've already started planning what I'll wear once I have my whole closet back in about a month.


  1. Where in the UK have you been? If you are in the North West, Liverpool/Manchester way let me know! I was supposed to be going down to London to visit a friend this weekend but she has become uncontactable so no weekend shopping trip in the capital for me sadly! :) x

  2. You do need to get your full wardrobe back! Today I'm wearing my poncho skirt. It's itchy, but it makes me happy.

  3. Any look is far better than the look I have going on right now! I still haven't purchased many new clothes since I've lost the weight, so all my clothes are literally swimming on me :)

  4. oohh are you over here right now? whereabouts are you?

  5. I loveee the subtle hints of blue in this outfit and it makes it so much less boring ! :D

  6. That's pretty much how I feel about my closet most of the time! Oh course I'm not living out of a backpack, but my circa 1929 closet does not hold much.