04 November, 2010

Art Show Time: Sheep

Digital photo taken with a Canon Rebel XS, slightly straightened in Aperture
I'm afraid that I don't actually have anything very exciting to show you, since I have spent the past week tramping through forests and sheep fields. The sheep fields have become rather a nuisance for the rest of my family, since I always want to stop and talk to the sheep. I blame my parents, since my strange habits come from either nature or nurture, so they are responsible either way and can't complain.

If your eyes are glazing over, sorry, but quite frankly, so are mine and I really can't think of anything to say to explain why my piece of art for the week is a picture of a sheep.

Do you like to talk to animals?



  1. I am very happy with the picture of the sheep - I do love sheep... and you aren't as bad as my mum -there have been a couple of occasions were she has been driving and pulled over the car to talk to them. Really. :) x

  2. Lol! No conversations with animals lately, unless you consider having a convo with my sister-in-law's pup a discussion :) And I agree, it's always the parent's fault ;o)

  3. Lovely photo. I like sheeps. Well I like most animals.=)

  4. I used to love sheeps until I saw a few of them close up and relize that they're dirty and smelly... But I still like to look at them!! and lol I talk to my pet rabbit at home all the time :D

  5. I always talk to the sheep, but they keep running away :(

  6. There are no sheep nearby to talk to, but I do talk to dogs and cats. And my eyes never glaze over on your posts, they're too cute.

  7. i talk to my dog
    there are sheep EVERYWHERE where i live. i really don't like them :')
    x x x

  8. Whenever I'm home i literally spend the whole day talking to my chihuahua.. I swear its funny.. lol cute pic

  9. i love sheeps. when i used to be young i used to visit my relatives in the countryside and they had sheeps. they are so cute and cuddly. and i would never eat them btw