29 November, 2010

What I Wore: Home sweet home sickness

Dress, Joe Fresh; sweater, hand-me-down, ???; scarf, gift from a friend; black leggings, not shown, ???; shoes, not shown, Fly London; super big smile; I was going to see Deathly Hallows Part 1
I've been wearing scarves under this sweater virtually non-stop recently. Even if my head does look a bit like an egg in a nest, it's a super warm and comfy egg so it doesn't really matter. 

The weirdest stuff has been making me home sick lately. I was putting on this scarf, and I remembered how it reminds me a bit of the ceinture fleché that the voyageurs, métis and other french canadiens wore. The only canoeing I've done has been on lakes in a two person canoe, I'm not french canadian, I've never been out west and I'm not french canadian, but it still makes me want to be home. Other little things like the cold wind on my way to the bus stop and the shops beginning getting ready for Christmas have made me want to break down and cry, because even if I love it here, it just doesn't feel like home. I feel like we are in that weird transitioning state where we aren't traveling, but we aren't settling in either, and sometimes I just want to hug my puppy, I want to smile at my friends in the hallway*, I want to go back to my school.

What makes you homesick, even when you are super happy?

* I love my friends here a lot too, but it doesn't stop me from missing everyone back home.


  1. I get terrible home sickness when I'm away too long. Cody outfit :-) I still haven't seen HP as snowed in at wknd.

  2. The scarf is cute. You're smart to stay warm.

  3. The sweater and scarf do look cozy.

    I can empathize. There were times when I was homesick for the states when I lived in Madrid and when I have been homesick for Madrid since I moved back to the US 3 years ago. I moved states in July for a new job, and I sometimes terribly miss the friends I had made and places I haunted in the city that was my home for five of the past seven years.

  4. I've never had intense feelings of homesickness since I've gone abroad even though I do agree that Edinburgh doesn't feel like home and never will for me. It's a city that's perfect for a year for me, but I'm not head over heels for it.

    Little things get me from time to time, like intense cravings for the crap thai food down the street from my dorm back in DC or cupcakes from my favorite Georgetown bakery. But I don't really miss DC as a whole, just some of my friends back there. I guess I feel more attachment to Minnesota and now that its holiday season I'm getting twinges of homesickness. The holidays never feel right in any place but home, however the lack of festive spirit is even worse while abroad. I'm used to Thanksgiving setting the tone for the season and because I missed it this year I feel out of whack. I can drink all the eggnog lattes I want or go to German Xmas Markets, but its not quite right and it won't be until I'm on the Minneapolis tarmac. I've accepted this, but when I see everyone getting excited about the holidays I wonder why I'm not. I miss the Minnesota winter even though I usually hate it by about January. But I've been listening to Bon Iver lately (he's from Wisconsin) and feeling an intense longing to see my house covered in snow.

    Holy crap, that was long. For someone who isn't homesick or so she says, guess I am.

  5. Oh, I think it's high time for you to visit your family! I don't get too homesick, but then I moved a lot as a child and I've got my own family now. I miss my parents and siblings and nieces though - so have to make sure to go to Berlin a few times a year.