15 November, 2010

What I Wore: Albino

Gray-Black Jeans, KappAhl; Shirt, Le Minor; dark socks, ???, old tights cut down; white socks, ???; shoes (not shown), Fly London; gray tank top (not visible), H&M; my suddenly albino skin, me forgetting to fix the white balance and then half-assedly doing it later.

Sadly, I can't take outside outfit photos at the moment. Other days when I get home earlier may be doable, but the street lights were on by the time I got home today, but there aren't any where I take photos.

I went back to school toady after my holiday, which was lovely, because I saw all my friends again, but awful because I had to get up early.

What occasions give you serious mixed feelings?



  1. Nice shirt, I really like stripes.=)

  2. cute shirt!I have a similar in my outfit!:)


  3. Lovely stripey sweater! It's really hard to take pictures these days, isn't it - It's always so DARK!

  4. I love striped shirts! It's my new thing :)
    As for occasions I get mixed feelings about, I would say a new photo shoot. I'm always excited because it can go really well, or nervous because it can go really bad. So my stomach is always in knots before any photo shoot!