03 November, 2010

What I Wore: Exterme Unfashionability

Rain pants, Mountain Equipment Coop; leggings (not visible), ???; rain coat, Mountain Equipment Coop; shirt (not visible), Seduction; shoes, Merrell

I think I mentioned this back in August, but when my family goes on vacation we tend to do things that, depending on who you are, could be considered, well, we tend to climb small mountains and tramp through forests in the rain. That being said, it's hard to enjoy beautiful views and adorable sheep when you are soaking wet or really cold, so I've been wearing pretty much this outfit for a while now, and I love it, despite the extreme unfashionability of it.

Do you go hiking much? What do you wear?



  1. I LOVE hiking, something about nature is so relaxing and peaceful. Trust me girl I look very unfashionable myself when I go, I don't think animals care though ;) I usually wear khakis, jacket, baseball cap, hair up and no makeup.

  2. i can't believe you managed to pin a poppy onto your caogule! i pin mine onto cardigans and it still falls off, haha!
    i HATE hiking and the outdoors. i'm all for enjoying views and stuff but i just can't stand it when i'm uncomfortable :') usually i'll get all trussed up in a waterproof mac and jogging bottoms and hiking boots and a woolly hat and scarf and gloves...
    x x x

  3. We aren't really a hiking family, but when I went to Seattle 2 years ago, my Dad & I scoped out this beautiful park called Discovery Point. We took the most convoluted path down to the beach and let me say, converse and a dress aren't great for hiking.

  4. You get points for the poppy. Helping veterans is always fashionable imo.

  5. nobody wears fashionabble stuff when they go hiking. kudos for going in the rainy fall. i just go when its dry and sunny and i still look like crap.

  6. I love the outdoors =) But I'm extremely clumsy, so I have to choose my activities carefully, hehehe! Nothing extreme, a nice walk in the forest will do =)
    And when you do so, the last thing you think of is being fashionable, the key is being comfortable and prepared!
    Have a lovely Thursday!

    Jungle World Citizen

  7. Wow that sounds like so much fun! I tried to go hiking once.. the place I thought I was going hiking wasn't a place that had a trail! oh well.


  8. I haven't hiked in years! I use to do all that "outdoorsy" stuff when I was younger and got relatively lazy over the years! But I agree, I'd rather be nice and warm than looking cute, but freezing my butt off :P

  9. I haven't hiked for a long time either! I'm completely incapable of packing vacation-appropriate clothes, so usually end up in my mother's jeans and my father's shirts and sister's socks. :)

  10. I haven't been hiking in a long time. My husband and I usually take big city or beach vacations.

  11. Love that you posted this photo! I do some hiking, but I'm mostly just fond of beach camping in a trailer. It's all about the relaxing for me.