31 July, 2010

Much Ado About Costumes

I mentioned a little while back that I was in a theater production that was eating up most of my time, and that I had some costumes I wanted to show you. Well, our last show was on Monday, the last of the cast events was last night, and the several people who have been living in my room have all gone back to their houses now, so I finally have time to sit down and show you the amazing things I got to wear.

The show I was in was Much Ado About Nothing, for those of you not familiar with it it's one of Shakespeare's comedies; and I was originally just given the role of watchman:

"We charge you, in the prince's name, share your skittles!"
Yes, the costume makes me look slightly disproportionate, and yes, it's more than slightly ridiculous, however, it's also insanely fun to wear. You can't see it in this picture, but the stripes on the back of my pants are horizontal, and the back of my vest has the same crazy patchwork like pattern.

When I arrived at my second rehearsal, I was asked if I would be interested in taking on another role. I promptly answered: "Of course, I'd love to! Who do you want me to play?" The answer: the sexton.

"Master Puppy! You go not the way to sniff a foot!"
If you are currently saying: "Rosie! That is just a photo of a foot and some pant leg!" You would be absolutely right. It is also the only photo I have of my self in this costume. It isn't nearly as hilarious as my other costume though, the rest is just the white shirt with a brown smock and very deep hood.

My final costume* is that of "Anonymous Purple Dancer".
*mingle flirt dance dance flirt dance mingle flirt mingle flirt*

They needed an extra female dancer for the masquerade ball, and I was only too happy to volunteer my less than amazing dance skills. I was even more excited once I saw my costume, because what girl doesn't want to wear a bejeweled purple corset style bodice with a  long, layered purple skirt? My excitement for said costume died down slightly after I realized how annoying it is to have to get someone to lace up your top everyday, then have to get out of it. (You can't see it in the photo, but my bodice laces up the back.)

Have you ever done any theater productions? Did you get to wear amazing costumes?


*In reality it's the first costume I wear in the show, then the watchman, then the sexton, but I shun logical order.

26 July, 2010

What I Wore: Wubba Boots

When it started to rain the other day, I mostly just beat my head against my desk. I'm performing in a show which is held in a tent, our changing area would turn into a swamp, we would be stuck in the tiny backstage area for hours, it would be muggy, you get my point.  By this point my head was starting to hurt, so I lifted it off the desk, and what did I see? My RUBBER BOOTS. This obviously made everything much, much better.

Dress, ???, shortened by me; shirt, vintage fabric, gift from friend; belt, Cake; boots, ???

How could I be unhappy while wearing bright yellow rubber boots with black accents, courtesy of a spray paint accident? A friend* and I had to take photos, because the only thing awesomer than wearing rubber boots with mini dresses is taking photos while wearing rubber boots with mini dresses. This worked out pretty well for me, since it meant that I had outfit photos, and I usually can't take outfit photos in the rain because my main tripod**/location is in the middle of the yard so my camera would get wet.

What do you think about wearing rubber boots as parts of everyday outfits?


* Their are two reasons I'm not sharing the photos of her- 1. She doesn't want me too and 2. If I did you would all fall in love with how awesome she is and not want to see pictures of me/read what I write anymore.

** I don't have an actual tripod yet, so I use a wood pile.

24 July, 2010

For the Love of Rubber Boots

I will admit, I am not a huge fan of rainy weather. Frizzy hair, wet clothing and mud are all unfortunate consequences. The one fun  consequence, in my opinion, is that you get to wear rubber boots without feeling like a farmer/slightly ridiculous. 

I like my rubber boots super bright, like these:

One of the many wonderful things about rubber boots is that they lend themselves to so many different looks. Yes, if you wore them with many outfits on a normal day they might feel a bit strange, but when it's actually raining I have never lacked ideas for what to wear them with. 

For example; you could go for what I consider a sort of festival look:
Rubber Boots, take 1
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Rubber Boots, take 1 by RosieUnknown 

 Nothing better than a simple, stylish outfit with a polar bear hat, right?

Or, if you lean more towards a love of colour you could play up the bright pink
Rubber Boots, take 2
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Rubber Boots, take 2 by RosieUnknown

And by play up the pink I obviously mean add many other colours and move through life as a joyful rainbow.

We all have days when we just want to blend into the woodwork a bit, and rubber boots won't fail you then either.
Rubber Boots, take 3
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Rubber Boots, take 3 by RosieUnknown 

They are the perfect complement to a super casual outfit, because sometimes you really can't be bothered. (Even on those days I can't resist a few cute accessories though, which is why I included the brooches.)

Do you own/wear rubber boots? What would/do you like to wear them with?


PS: If you want to know how I actually wore my rubber boots recently, don't worry, the outfit post should be out tomorrow.

22 July, 2010

Pointless Pretty Photos

Today's post is slightly without purpose, but my blog is, in essence, a place where I share things I find beautiful, and (not to sound vain) I'm pretty found of these photos I took today.

I wanted to get a certain post out today, but a lack of time and appropriate outfit photo weather has me leaving you with this. Rest assured that I have some more interesting things in the near future.


21 July, 2010

Eclectic Love 1: More Sweet Strawberryness

For this week's Eclectic Love, I knew I wanted to feature something strawberry related, and I knew I wanted it to be a necklace, so I turned to Etsy once again in search of the perfect strawberry necklace. I wasn't sure what it looked like, but I knew exactly how it shouldn't look. I was several pages of incredibly cute, but not what I wanted, necklaces when I started giving up hope. Just as I was giving up, I encountered this:

It was only when I saw this one that I realized how the others weren't right: they didn't have that magical strawberry shine. Even though some had the perfect ruby red colour, none of them had captured the light emitting qualities that only strawberries have, which made me all the happier when I found this one. 

Have you ever searched for something not because you knew what you wanted but because you knew what you didn't want?


20 July, 2010

What I Wore: Sweet Strawberries

In case you were wondering, I'm not dead. Like usual when I disappear off the face of the internet for a while, I have been completely occupied with the show I currently in and work. More on that once I have photos of my beautiful costumes, because it would be sad to talk about it with out being able to show you the wonderful custom costumes I get to wear.

For now, please accept this outfit post from weeks ago:

Yes, I know this is not a photo of an outfit. It's a photo of a bowl of strawberries I had just picked from the garden and that my mother was hulling. It's also what inspired me to wear the outfit shown bellow, because strawberries are, in my opinion, one of the tastiest and most beautiful foods that exist.

Jeans, Old Navy; t-shirt, Smart Set; hat, ???; apple necklace, handmade by me from an old christmas decoration; green necklace, gift from a friend.

The necklace is actually an apple, but I felt it had the appropriate feel for the outfit, and I was dying to try it out, so I wore it anyways. It's really bulky, so I'm not sure if I like it or not yet, it may become something other than a necklace in the near future.

Have you ever worn an outfit inspired by food? If so, was it inspired, or pretty literal?


07 July, 2010

Eclectic Love 1: Black and Gold and Sequins

The other day, I had a revelation: I can't stick to any one style because my dream style is eclectic.

***Dictionary break: according to dictionary.com, eclectic is an adjective describing things:
 "not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems"

I'm not sure if this is an actual style, or just me inventing a name for whatever the hell I am since I don't know what style I'm actually identifying with; but I'm sick of trying to decide between all the things I love. The end result is that I'm just going to go with my gut and wear what I like, with whatever the hell  I want.

Another result is that I have been spending a lot of time browsing lately, looking at things I do like, and thinking about how I can get them in my wardrobe. And since I've been seeing so much awesome stuff, and I can't buy it all (1. for money reasons, and 2. for storage reasons), the obvious conclusion is to share it was you guys in the hopes that it will fit into one of your dream styles. This was the conception of Eclectic Love, and today is it's birth, so without further ado, Eclectic Love 1:

When I say this dress, I had so many thoughts and ideas about what to wear it with (stacks of gold bangles! a turquoise long sleeve crew neck and gold+turquoise shoes!), but I decided that I don't really need another black and gold maxi dress, so I resisted.

How would you define your personal style?


* Yes, I know the listing says tunic, but I consider it a maxi dress.

06 July, 2010

What I Wore: Biking in Black

Leggings, Class Courture; tunic, thrifted; shoes, Birkis; head band, Lululemon; sunglasses, Raybans.

Oh, I'm in a new (to you) photo location! That's because I snapped my outfit photos today while out for a bike ride. I went down to the marsh in an effort to find cooler, less stagnant air, and failed miserably.

This outfit probably wasn't a wise choice for a day when it was hot before the sun was up, but since when have I made smart clothing choices? It looked cute, and is a huge step up from standard biking wear in my area, so it was all good.

Do you have a habit of making non-sensical clothing choices?


05 July, 2010

What I Wore: 1970s Roman

Skirt, thrifted; shirt+scarf acting as belt, hand-me-down vintage fabric; shoes, Birkis; earrings, Claires

It was insanely hot today, and when I got home from my run and had take a shower, I decided it was far too warm for anything other than my lightest and breeziest skirt. The draw back to said skirt is that it is virtually see-through, and in consequence needs something opaque at least a bit of the way down my legs and most of the way around.

This piece of fabric has been hanging in my closet for over a year, maybe closer to two, and I can count the number of times it has been worn on one hand. It got called into play, and when I looked at the finished outfit in the mirror I felt it looked rather 1970s roman inspired, but I can't find any pictures vaguely like it, so maybe I'm imagining things.

Have you ever worn and outfit and realized afterwards that it was inspired by a certain era or style?


04 July, 2010

What I Wore: Heavy on the Neck

Shirt, Club Monaco; skirt, thrifted; shoes, Birkis; leaf necklace, thrifted pendant, assembled by me; fan necklace, vintage; belt worn as a necklace, vintage; earrings, museum gift shop

I got this skirt because I love the beading on it, but the colour is terribly hard to style. So far the only colour I've managed to wear it with has been black, but I have a feeling it might look epic with hot pink, or maybe purple. 

This outfit felt a bit bland, so I pretty much put on all the gold necklaces I own and the largest gold earrings I could find. I think the result is pretty awesome, if a little heavy on the neck.

Have you ever bought something to realize that the colour is hard to wear?


03 July, 2010

What I Wore: Glamourous Llama

I'm back! Post vacation Rosie has arrived, complete with patchy tan/burn, a new favourite animal and over a thousand photos. If you just started worrying about a massive outfit post, you can stop. Out of the 1257 photos I have from the trip, I appear in a grand total of 12, wearing three different outfits.

Capris, ???; tank top, Jacob; sweater, Lululemon; shoes, Merrell; belt, Cake; hat, Joe Fresh; Bow, handmade by me

I wore this outfit to go on an impromptu hike during the drive down, I was wearing a mini skirt and sandals, but I changed quickly in the car. This outfit pretty mush sums up most of what I wore for the week, since all I really did was canoe and hike. 

Skort, thrifted; tank top, Lululemon; bandana, thrifted; shoes, Birkis

This is a pretty typical example of the outfits I wore to breakfast and dinner, and for anytime we spent just lounging around and visiting.

Dress, Joe Fresh; hat, Joe Fresh; bow, handmade by me; scarf, thrifted; shoes, Birkis; Llama, the zoo we were visiting

This was my going home outfit, super comfy for traveling since I had to spend 5 hours crammed in the back seat with my squirming siblings, but still glamourous enough for random stops, like the one we made at a zoo. It just so happened that the zoo had LLAMAS that you could visit right in their pen, I think I was more excited about it then all the little toddlers running around, because Llamas are my absolute favourite animals in the world. After meeting some in person, I decided I'm going to stop being human and start being a Llama.

What do you like to wear when traveling?


PS: I was really excited when I logged into Blogger this evening and saw that I had 50 followers and that this would be my 300th post! Thanks for all your support and for helping me get this far.