06 July, 2010

What I Wore: Biking in Black

Leggings, Class Courture; tunic, thrifted; shoes, Birkis; head band, Lululemon; sunglasses, Raybans.

Oh, I'm in a new (to you) photo location! That's because I snapped my outfit photos today while out for a bike ride. I went down to the marsh in an effort to find cooler, less stagnant air, and failed miserably.

This outfit probably wasn't a wise choice for a day when it was hot before the sun was up, but since when have I made smart clothing choices? It looked cute, and is a huge step up from standard biking wear in my area, so it was all good.

Do you have a habit of making non-sensical clothing choices?



  1. you look incredibly chic for a bike ride

  2. Such a comfortable outfit to go biking.
    Love it, darling!

  3. the polka dot bits on your top are the perfect touch ^^


  4. Lovely photo and a cute outfit but I can imagine it could have been a little warm if it was sunny outside.=)

    Response>> Thank you!

  5. Thats pretty cool, i miss riding bike

  6. You look like the most stylish biker I've ever scene! And I really like the tunic top paired with leggings...that's my go-to outfit!

  7. From one black fan to another, this is a lovely combination! But to be honest, I always try to dress weather/activity appropriate - being uncomfortable makes me feel, well, uncomfortable!