04 July, 2010

What I Wore: Heavy on the Neck

Shirt, Club Monaco; skirt, thrifted; shoes, Birkis; leaf necklace, thrifted pendant, assembled by me; fan necklace, vintage; belt worn as a necklace, vintage; earrings, museum gift shop

I got this skirt because I love the beading on it, but the colour is terribly hard to style. So far the only colour I've managed to wear it with has been black, but I have a feeling it might look epic with hot pink, or maybe purple. 

This outfit felt a bit bland, so I pretty much put on all the gold necklaces I own and the largest gold earrings I could find. I think the result is pretty awesome, if a little heavy on the neck.

Have you ever bought something to realize that the colour is hard to wear?



  1. Ooh, what a lovely necklace! And yes. Half my wardrobe consists of ridiculous, shiny or all-round inappropriate-things-that-I-shouldn't-have-bought-but-did-because-they-were-glittery-and-second-hand!

  2. I have a mustard skirt which looks
    pretty similar to yours.
    How are you, Darling?
    I like that necklace :-)

  3. That's a beautiful necklace, Rosie! Love the entire look!

  4. The choker and the fan necklace are absolutely super! Love them so so much! They look super with the v neck.
    Found you on IFB and am really enjoying browsing through blog. Your profile picture is really cute!

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  5. lovely pieces of jewelry! come follow me http://www.fashioniceice.blogspot.com xoxo

  6. The neckwear reminds me of Africa, those incredibly beautiful women with rings around their necks...

  7. the fan necklace is stunning. very jealous!