26 July, 2010

What I Wore: Wubba Boots

When it started to rain the other day, I mostly just beat my head against my desk. I'm performing in a show which is held in a tent, our changing area would turn into a swamp, we would be stuck in the tiny backstage area for hours, it would be muggy, you get my point.  By this point my head was starting to hurt, so I lifted it off the desk, and what did I see? My RUBBER BOOTS. This obviously made everything much, much better.

Dress, ???, shortened by me; shirt, vintage fabric, gift from friend; belt, Cake; boots, ???

How could I be unhappy while wearing bright yellow rubber boots with black accents, courtesy of a spray paint accident? A friend* and I had to take photos, because the only thing awesomer than wearing rubber boots with mini dresses is taking photos while wearing rubber boots with mini dresses. This worked out pretty well for me, since it meant that I had outfit photos, and I usually can't take outfit photos in the rain because my main tripod**/location is in the middle of the yard so my camera would get wet.

What do you think about wearing rubber boots as parts of everyday outfits?


* Their are two reasons I'm not sharing the photos of her- 1. She doesn't want me too and 2. If I did you would all fall in love with how awesome she is and not want to see pictures of me/read what I write anymore.

** I don't have an actual tripod yet, so I use a wood pile.


  1. gorgeous outfit, i'm sure you brightened up the day ! your gumboots are so awesome too :D

  2. Aw cute, I love the gumboots, I kinda want to get a pair myself for this awfully rainy weather we've been having!


  3. These rubber boots, or wellies as they say in England, are so cute and totally remind me of the yellow rain coats we wore as children. They actually complement the outfit perfectly! xo

  4. You inspire me to wear mine out soon :)

  5. i love the print on your top and i love how u belt it. the rubber boots add a lot too it. especially the pop of colour. one of your best outfits i have seen.

  6. I love wearing wellies, but they make my feet so hot!


  7. Lol! Love your "tripod" idea! I don't own one either, but I guess I should add one to my wishlist. As far as rubber boots, ask me this questions again when it's not like a 100 degrees outside and humid :o/

  8. Nice and cute colorful outfit, my dear!
    I've been looking for a pair of rain boots
    so good luck to me, i hope i can find soon.

  9. I like your short skirt and rubber boots for rainy summer days. Might be too cold in fall though. Very cute. I'm so glad they made you happy. Anything to remind us that it isn't all that bad!