24 July, 2010

For the Love of Rubber Boots

I will admit, I am not a huge fan of rainy weather. Frizzy hair, wet clothing and mud are all unfortunate consequences. The one fun  consequence, in my opinion, is that you get to wear rubber boots without feeling like a farmer/slightly ridiculous. 

I like my rubber boots super bright, like these:

One of the many wonderful things about rubber boots is that they lend themselves to so many different looks. Yes, if you wore them with many outfits on a normal day they might feel a bit strange, but when it's actually raining I have never lacked ideas for what to wear them with. 

For example; you could go for what I consider a sort of festival look:
Rubber Boots, take 1
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Rubber Boots, take 1 by RosieUnknown 

 Nothing better than a simple, stylish outfit with a polar bear hat, right?

Or, if you lean more towards a love of colour you could play up the bright pink
Rubber Boots, take 2
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Rubber Boots, take 2 by RosieUnknown

And by play up the pink I obviously mean add many other colours and move through life as a joyful rainbow.

We all have days when we just want to blend into the woodwork a bit, and rubber boots won't fail you then either.
Rubber Boots, take 3
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Rubber Boots, take 3 by RosieUnknown 

They are the perfect complement to a super casual outfit, because sometimes you really can't be bothered. (Even on those days I can't resist a few cute accessories though, which is why I included the brooches.)

Do you own/wear rubber boots? What would/do you like to wear them with?


PS: If you want to know how I actually wore my rubber boots recently, don't worry, the outfit post should be out tomorrow.


  1. your post is very comprehensive too!!
    i love that boots, great colour and it seems very comfortable!

    kisses from http://sweetsyte.blogspot.com/

  2. :o I really want the jumper in that first polyvore! It's amazing!!!


  3. I can't wait for the outfit post. I love rainboots!

  4. Love the colour of those rubber boots.=)

  5. A few years ago I fell in love with a pair of pink and blue plaid galoshes. They weren't all that expensive, but it seemed so silly to buy them. After all I live in LA where it's 70 degrees and sunny all the time. So I passed, but it wasn't a good choice. That year it rained like crazy and I still go out in the rain in rubber flip flops because otherwise my regular shoes get ruined.

  6. i do own rubber boots, in the uk we call them wellingtons or wellies because they were invented by duke wellington :) there you go, you learn something new everyday!
    pretty much everyone in the uk owns wellies because it rains so much; it's pretty much the first pair of shoes i ever owned. they were usually pretty boring; brown and green mainly so the mud didn't show. however now i'm all grown up i own snazzy wellies! yeahh :)
    x x x

  7. It's been raining horridly here too, lols. And I do owe one pair of rain boots in black, my friends call them the firemen boots. =) Loving that last look the best. =)