03 July, 2010

What I Wore: Glamourous Llama

I'm back! Post vacation Rosie has arrived, complete with patchy tan/burn, a new favourite animal and over a thousand photos. If you just started worrying about a massive outfit post, you can stop. Out of the 1257 photos I have from the trip, I appear in a grand total of 12, wearing three different outfits.

Capris, ???; tank top, Jacob; sweater, Lululemon; shoes, Merrell; belt, Cake; hat, Joe Fresh; Bow, handmade by me

I wore this outfit to go on an impromptu hike during the drive down, I was wearing a mini skirt and sandals, but I changed quickly in the car. This outfit pretty mush sums up most of what I wore for the week, since all I really did was canoe and hike. 

Skort, thrifted; tank top, Lululemon; bandana, thrifted; shoes, Birkis

This is a pretty typical example of the outfits I wore to breakfast and dinner, and for anytime we spent just lounging around and visiting.

Dress, Joe Fresh; hat, Joe Fresh; bow, handmade by me; scarf, thrifted; shoes, Birkis; Llama, the zoo we were visiting

This was my going home outfit, super comfy for traveling since I had to spend 5 hours crammed in the back seat with my squirming siblings, but still glamourous enough for random stops, like the one we made at a zoo. It just so happened that the zoo had LLAMAS that you could visit right in their pen, I think I was more excited about it then all the little toddlers running around, because Llamas are my absolute favourite animals in the world. After meeting some in person, I decided I'm going to stop being human and start being a Llama.

What do you like to wear when traveling?


PS: I was really excited when I logged into Blogger this evening and saw that I had 50 followers and that this would be my 300th post! Thanks for all your support and for helping me get this far.


  1. Lovely outfits

    ur hut is cute :D


  2. congrats on the followers and yay for the 300th post :D! you look so cute in spots, and llamas ROCKKKK!

  3. Congrats on the 50 followers and the 300 posts! That's a lot :) Welcome back from vacay! You look great and that's one big llama! I just saw one this weekend too at the state fair :)

  4. Llamas are so awesome! I love that you're wearing a scarf and petting one. I also really love that Lululemon tank!

  5. you'd make a good lalma haha

  6. looks like you had a fab holiday! i was made the mistake of flying from england to nyc in jeans - never again! - dresses/skirts only!

  7. Congrats on your 300th post, Rosie!! And oh I love Llamas so much!!

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