31 July, 2010

Much Ado About Costumes

I mentioned a little while back that I was in a theater production that was eating up most of my time, and that I had some costumes I wanted to show you. Well, our last show was on Monday, the last of the cast events was last night, and the several people who have been living in my room have all gone back to their houses now, so I finally have time to sit down and show you the amazing things I got to wear.

The show I was in was Much Ado About Nothing, for those of you not familiar with it it's one of Shakespeare's comedies; and I was originally just given the role of watchman:

"We charge you, in the prince's name, share your skittles!"
Yes, the costume makes me look slightly disproportionate, and yes, it's more than slightly ridiculous, however, it's also insanely fun to wear. You can't see it in this picture, but the stripes on the back of my pants are horizontal, and the back of my vest has the same crazy patchwork like pattern.

When I arrived at my second rehearsal, I was asked if I would be interested in taking on another role. I promptly answered: "Of course, I'd love to! Who do you want me to play?" The answer: the sexton.

"Master Puppy! You go not the way to sniff a foot!"
If you are currently saying: "Rosie! That is just a photo of a foot and some pant leg!" You would be absolutely right. It is also the only photo I have of my self in this costume. It isn't nearly as hilarious as my other costume though, the rest is just the white shirt with a brown smock and very deep hood.

My final costume* is that of "Anonymous Purple Dancer".
*mingle flirt dance dance flirt dance mingle flirt mingle flirt*

They needed an extra female dancer for the masquerade ball, and I was only too happy to volunteer my less than amazing dance skills. I was even more excited once I saw my costume, because what girl doesn't want to wear a bejeweled purple corset style bodice with a  long, layered purple skirt? My excitement for said costume died down slightly after I realized how annoying it is to have to get someone to lace up your top everyday, then have to get out of it. (You can't see it in the photo, but my bodice laces up the back.)

Have you ever done any theater productions? Did you get to wear amazing costumes?


*In reality it's the first costume I wear in the show, then the watchman, then the sexton, but I shun logical order.


  1. I have never done a theater piece and never gotten to wear a fantastic costume except at Halloween, but I have often day dreamed about being an actress in a really wonderful historical costume drama, like "Young Victoria". Can you imagine how great it must have been to wear those gorgeous costumes?

  2. those are adorable costume!

  3. oooh fun! I'm more of a behind the scenes gal, so I never get to wear any zany costumes. For beauty and the Beast the costumes were RIDIC, The wardrobes weighed like 40 pounds. Apparently they were 5 thousand dollars worth.

  4. ps, the printmaking facilities are being renovated so we are only doing silk screening. Not quite as awesome as doing acid washes but still super fun.

  5. Amazing costumes! Isn't it great to dress up!?!

  6. quirky and charming .. I really like these !


  7. i think my favourite outfit is the dress... looks like a lot of fun

  8. This looks so fun! I've never done any sort of drama production because I am a hopeless actress but would have loved to have dressed up in costumes like these! :) x

  9. Hahaha!! I had a big smile on my face reading this!! You're right, this looks like a blast! I love the watchman costume, but you were meant to play the "Anonymous Purple Dance", if only for the costume alone ;o)

    BTW- hope you didnt get into too much trouble. I don't think I was ever "grounded", but my parents were very strict regardless. So I didn't hav much of a life as a teen anyways!