04 December, 2010

Photo to Outfit: Bird on the Blue Sky

One of my favourite things about the fall is the trees without any leaves on them. Not only can you get all sorts of cool patterns from the branches and the sky as a back drop, but you also see the birds more. I took this photo of an unidentified black bird a few weeks ago*, and I couldn't help but think that it would look really cool as an outfit.

Raven on Clear Skies

Raven on Clear Skies by RosieUnknown 

I'm not really sure what occasion this is appropriate for, it you're me probably just school, but I think it would be fun for a casual party or I'm not sure what else. I really wanted to find some sort of think fish net cardigan to go over the dress, but a lace sweat shirt was the best I could do and I think that it would create a nice contrast with the more dressy dress.

Where would you wear an outfit like this?


 * I think it was a rook but I really have no clue. 


  1. this looks an outfit for the cocktail hour to me :-)

  2. New Year's party! Raven included haha

  3. Definitely a cocktail party outfit. I really agree, the bare trees are beautiful (and I think birds did inspire some designers lately :)

  4. thats a beautiful photo of the bird with the branches. it has a very dark magical quality to it. as to the outfit i would probably wear out for a fancier dinner.

  5. The color of the blue dress is very fun and festive!! Definitely for a cocktail affair :)